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Picture credit : Internet Before the inception of feelings or before your arrival in my life I was like time and tide,waiting for none  my life was moving like a molten sapphire , where i was a creator in my own whims.. But now all i want to stay by your side.. like an air which you breathe every moment every second  together .. facing the harsh sun ..  sometime trying to be your shade .. But here I stand Everyday Imagining your silhouette  breathing a new leash of life When Sunbeams wake you  in the morning, When Moon coolness take you into endless dream, Tied in the shackles of these moments, Every moments I am with you on this journey Watching you from a distance But desire is to stay with you "All i want to be dowsed in the same drop  that has touched you so dearly " but being on the another twig  I could  never touch you once  So here I stand Treasuring  all these wetting silky moments Into a golden ring of memory  So here I stand Nu

What Should I Call You ?

What should I call you ? An air blow or a water flow? An imagination of purity or simply a reality ? What should I call you? A smile that my lips wear or a fragrance that always kiss away my Tear What should I call you? The strongest glue With whom now my every feelings had stick too Or the " Sapphire Blue " Of my Life What Should I Call You? An immature thought or a finest dream which I have bought. What should I call you ? An strangest friend, whom god has send. What should I call you? A RAINBOW of my life  or a rhythm of my heart An appreciable soft toy or my life joy ? What should I call you ?..