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Words some mine few yours !

There are some phrases on these lips of mine But Some of its words  are still at your possessions  Bound in the bond of desires The words which I have Words which are lost in your thoughts Words which have not slept for centuries in dream of your hazel eyes She too has feel of those words At the door step of time, this secret of mine – is now hers too. Though wrapped these words are scattered I have to entwine them and keep with myself before it losses its meaning  I have to share it with you with us But don’t know why today  this pot of ink seems an empty one  just like me perhaps in the knot of these words There is either an oceans or trench or Seclusion of a lonely heart .. P.S - This is a close translation of  my hindi poem  लफ्ज़... कुछ.मेरे.कुछ.तुम्हारे.!  .. for all those who can't read hindi .

Deepika Padukone while watching Television !

We all know FORBES Magazine releases Richest Man List and its different category. Watch out what our very own Deepika Padukone Thinks while reading it and "How she create her so Called "TO DO LIST" .    P.S - I haven't been paid by any one to malign her image.This is just a work of Boredom nothing personal. As an actress I love her to .  I guess we all love her ;)

Napalm Cellophane and Night !

I was idle, laying on my bed battling the blues, staring the ceiling, staring into the darkness of my room trying to figure out depth of this jilted despair inside me. Something comes when you least expect it, so was this feeling of emptiness of this whole world has been depopulated and world being blue just with an exception of my windowpane which was colorless, perhaps like my thoughts, or your portrait on my wall that I have painted and your interpretation of me. Of me being. I slept by the windowpane. A cool breeze touched my face accompanying me during my tribulations. I saw some blue cellophane paper lying there rejected, heartbroken. Cornered by pangs of unknown guilt. It’s mine now. I put it between my eye and the windowpane, and it led to my agent of antithesis arousing the anarchy of desires “ I saw Shades of the night sky punctuated, neatly with stacks of clouds and pictures of you ”. My current state of thought utopia was murdered and I was in parallel worlds in

लफ्ज़... कुछ.मेरे.कुछ.तुम्हारे.!

इन होठों पे एक बात है …. पर उसके कुछ लफ्ज़ अब भी किसी के पास हैं…. ख्वाहिशों की डोर में बँधे हुए कुछ लफ्ज़ जो मेरे पास है… लफ्ज़ जो किसी के ख़यालों में खोए हैं … लफ्ज़ जो किसी के आँखों के खाब में सदियों से सोए नहीं है …. मेरे  लफ़ज़ो का एहसास उनको भी है…. समय की देहलीज़ पे ये राज़ मेरे साथ- साथ अब उनका भी है … सिमट के भी बिखरे से हैं ये लफ्ज़ उन्हे समेत के रखना है अपने पास अर्थ खोने के पहले    बाँटना है ... अपने साथ ... तुम्हारे साथ ... पर ना जाने क्यू आज ये सियाही की डिब्बी भी कुछ खाली सा है... मेरी ही तरह.. सायद इन लबज़ो की गिरहें में या तो समंदर है या खाई.. या बस एक तन्हा दिल की तनहाई...

Honhaar nai Jugaad Engineer !

Just tried an every day problem of engineer's life into comic strips P.S- My First Attempt in Comic Strips !

Like Beauty of Hues !

I'll know I've created a truly beautiful rhyme, If it remains in your heart through sands of time. I'll know that finally your heart I stole, When I'll see your eyes,rolling tears,smeared kohl. I'll wait for the sun to drown and advent of stars, Stars probably mighty warriors who once fell in a war. I look deep in your eyes know that the smile is fake, Your pretense,it vanishes,like morning mist from a lake. You look at a cloud at night,wonder why it's black, I drown in you eyes,wonder which shade of night they lack. Scattered on your eyebrows,few drops of rain, Your cheeks with a tint of red,like a flag of Spain. I'll wait for the sunset and streaks of mellow red, Melting red hues from your lips,I said. You fell in his hands,he created an art, But in some haste,he gave you my heart.

Nyctophiliac Soul !

Twinkling star, Crescent moon  and Clandestine Whispers - Nyctophiliac Soul .