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Bittersweet !

I was so caught in silver afternoon trance that I thought I can understand all-contained unspoken thoughts of yours before it comes from those pink slippers lips, perhaps I could grasp it from the hazel eyes of yours, but I didn’t, not really. The halves that I understood was only the smudginess of your kohl and semi-precious eagerness of yours that halved me into half. I didn’t realize, I didn’t know that two paths diverged in those mirror utopia, with nothing but the visible spectrum of in-between bits, towards the memory of whole bits of you and gory bits of me. 

I Will !

I will love you
in fraction of your mistakes
not just in the sum of your victories

I will love you
in the pause between each syllable
not just in the sentences that are kissable

I will love you
with all my affections
not with any kind of fabrications

I will love you
in every sore from the tears
not just in the collective happy years

I will Love you
in all your imperfections
not with any expectations

I will love you
in all your life’s dark night
not just when you’re radiating, so bright.

I will Love you
until my demise
this I promise.

An Arranged Marriage Arrangement Gone Wrong !

Those who are up for an arranged marriage at some point of time your parents will setup an arranged date for you so that you can decide if you want to get married or not.

what if that date goes wrong because you met some creep head? How would you deal with such people ?  

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S – Updated the “About me ” Page on my blog, in timeline fashion, since lot of people was getting false impression of me . Have a look! But just lower your expectation (a lot) so that I may seem awesome to you.
P.S.S - If you see your blog name's header file design there and if you feel invasion of your property. just say me  i will remove them . it was it just that i felt designing the complex name of your blog will be a great learning curve..

Vintage Swallow !

It’s been a while since I breathed with my words and to be precise with you. Wandered off like drift wood in the pacific of your thoughts. I swear I thought that this time I would not break but now I’m feasted upon by the idea of you like a food in front of a hungry shark and I offer myself to you again with a heart even more you own. It’s really hard to close the door that you’ve fought to keep open before. The dream that beget from the air that holds the fragrance of yours or the marks of your lips that you left on the glass while drinking water, finds you in everything that you have once touched or made a part of somehow.
Every word written here has traces of origin back to you, because you have had a way with my head. I’m not going to deny that I was not aware of your beauty. But the point is my words has nothing to do with your beauty. As I got to know you I realize beauty was least of your qualities. You instills grace in every common things and divinity in every careless gesture…

An Unusual Museum !

My poetry is a museum
where I keep my skins
peeling it off after
taking off all my clothes
in a place full of unknowns,

someday people pick the flowers
to bring to the graves of all the skins
I shed in the form of my words

Some gets so comfortable
they want to see every inch
of my skin

Other are too terrified
that they put daggers into my neck,
the moment I unbutton my collar button.