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A Quiet Scintilla Night !

What should I write? With a fear that my word will start to tumble at some point of time. Of all the thoughts in my head, thoughts of the every rhymes unheard, every word, every breath and every message that every night I type with a tap of fingers on my half broken keys of my keyboard, in the middle of night, in the middle of nowhere just to pour out something which I don’t know even lies within me. Every words that leaves on last breaths which I write several times until night tires me out to interlace it together to send you somehow remains saved in drafts, because every surge of unfathomable emotion is blended with unknown fear and angst ridden thoughts of “ What If -I write you as you fiddle”. How engulfing some thoughts and some people are. People exist in our life but only few lives. Some people are fortunate enough to live on one page of same book while some lives on the same page of different books. Though later is the case but I’m in a habit of creating an alternate w

Solipsistic Mind !

We all Die, Young or Old, Scared or Bold -Solipsistic Mind

Gnostic - Time !

Lay on the bed and think which is yellow, which is pink the lady wrapped in clothes the lovers exchanging notes the air smells like breeze take a sigh, take a wheeze Sit on the bench and look the random flow of the brook you know you loved her once at least you had a few runs let the river take you away you get to live another day Get up and take a walk meet a stranger for a talk the trees continue to waver times don’t get any easier baby steps here and there just smile and show you care Look to the sky and wonder God couldn’t be any smarter the world you know is perfect your life is yours to direct just spread your arms and fly and times would ride you on high

Valentine Day Postcard !

For long I have been writing without knowing what I’m writing, or what I have wrote; do you? These words, these phrases that I’ve penned out for you in these two years while falling in love with the dreams found between your eyes aren’t enough to mean anything to you. Even it does what real difference does it make? Except the fact that yours thought drudge the best thing out of me, the words; stringing together letters with the beat of your steady heart. Every night there is one thought that I always return to; to write something that mean something more than the naught. Sometime I let your voice surround me with the maps of future road, while sometime I simply fall into a daze, breathing in your words feeling the love that keep rushing back to me; deep within my bones exhaling out the every ounce of uncertainty that I’ve carried with me and filling me up to the brim with a thought that you are a soul worth loving; I see a celebration of victory deep within me “ Oh, Dear Time Yo

An Existential Ink !

I have always been a wanderer It was just that no one knew I always relish in being forgotten Being lost into the oblivion Lovers, you say What about it? Like the dew of mornings Cherish it for the happiness it brings. Sacred places, you say are meant for prayers. But the truth is, walls of hospitals have heard more prayers each day. Cobwebs of past hold me But I can’t go back. I look back, but not for long For I have to go on. Destination? I do not know For none is my ally Nor my foe

A Silent Love !

Before the inception of feelings or before your arrival in my life I was like time and tide, waiting for none  my life was moving like a molten sapphire, where I was a creator in my own whims. But now all I want to stay by your side, like an air which you breathe every moment every second  together, facing the harsh sun, sometime trying to be your shade, But here I stand Everyday Imagining your silhouette  breathing a new leash of life When Sunbeams wake you  in the morning, When Moon coolness take you into endless dream, Tied in the shackles of these moments, Every moments I am with you on this journey Watching you from a distance But desire is to stay with you "All I want to be dowsed in the same drop  that has touched you so dearly " but being on the another twig  I could never touch you once  So here I stand Treasuring  all these wetting silky moments Into a golden ring of memory  So here I stand Nurturing  the dream to fall b