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If you are a writer !

P.S - Shout out to everyone who flooded my mind with their original stuff :')
and sorry for extra 't' in strips if you noticed :d

Someone Special Introspection !

Writing has always made me feel revived. But at certain point of time every writer has to face the “Now what?” anxiety of the blank page. These past couple of days has been pretty rough and when today after so many days I sat to write I found this anxiety so nerving. Even the thoughts that I don't have any thoughts that I can assemble in form of the words was killing me. Every time I have used this nerving anxiety to write about you. It isn’t that I can’t write about something else but there is so much desire to write about you that every time I stare at the blank page of mine and write any word, every words somehow traces its written origin back to you. So perhaps this time too it’s all about you. Following heart when mind is blank has been my ritual while writing but Some Special Introspections was never a thing that I did.
When I started blogging back in 2011 since than this is the 80th post I’m writing out of which this one is the 70th times I’m writing about you. Does this mak…

Miserable at Best !

Words and keeping distance from you has always served as my armor, whenever I used to have a temple of thoughts and unfathomable feelings for you, I just used it to hide myself. But now a days these words has started plucking my sheaths of oblivions. Now a days I write with a fragile hand, with a heart up my sleeves, with Uncountable emotions behind every stretched words I write. Now a days my every efforts to distance myself fails, because those hazel eyes of yours has pierced every dust and atom of my body and those heart palpitating smile of yours has settled inside my heart and now you’re flowing in every single nerve.

Having a claustrophobic mind I was afraid to await so much at closed places, and now I wait at the closed beautiful heart of yours. Interplay of situations beautiful isn't it? But somehow my dream sprung a leak and now all my intentions has been washed away. Sinned that what I’m now because the frantic inside me have fallen in love with you and it know no other …

She !

She’s beautiful
in way love poems live in our hearts
She’s high on heels
and high on booze
Hazel eye, feathery eyelid, Tinted pink cheeks
and red hues lips
she’s perfect like a character from a holy books.

She’s beautiful,
deep down to her soul,
She’s fun, she’s crazy
but her sorrow is what she – conceal.