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The Beautiful Evolution Of Strangulation !

Sometime the way words mix memory and desire in some pseudo-random, uniform distributed fashion that every conditional rationality starts to elude me in countless ripple and I find myself somewhere out there, losing me in the chipped corners of my heart inside the soul geomerty that have marched on this time's faultless serenade only to leave pieces of dust and smudged fingerprints into the emptiness of no answer. In these hours when people's heart weigh more than the Earth Mass, I find myself with my hands open, heart out rearranging hopeful sentences that can't be measured up neither can withstand any distance put between them and chasing down people who do not want to be found or profess absolutes (even though i have learnt not to). I let the nostalgia sip in and your dancing silhouette grind my bones into dust and breaks the existence of my molecule into atoms with an algorithm that beat into yours submission. I let the blazing hot cosmos of your heart a