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Guest Post : I NEED YOU .. !!

When I feel low I dont want it to show Coz I know U love me!! But my silence will act as a poison Which is slow I need u.... Always.... When I am alone I need ur hand on my head Which will give me a support to lead Really I need u... When somebody hurts me Its u who console me I need u... When no one is with me M incomplete without u At every turns n twist of life Happy n sad moments When i'm low When i'm alone Everyday,everynight....each n every moment I need u... I NEED U...MOM!!! Post written by : Manali Kashyap She is pursuing her in civil engineering from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology. She is a very nice conversationalist and someone I love talking to. She is unequivocally the most “cranky” person I have met and irrevocably a freak !!! She chooses to live and believe in dreams, She has unnatural talent in acting !! This School friend of mine is inspiring me with her speech :) A true straight-on-face friend that she is,


"A boy and girls can't remain Friends for a long time ". A line generally you hear if you say someone that we are just friend or mostly in films dialogue, and if we look around there are lots of examples you can see justifying  the above. But why ? > Why a boy and girls can't be a good friends for a long time ? My mind was debating on this question from so long after one friend of mine told me that he has stopped talking to her, Just because she might think it in other  way ( He may be right to some extent ), and this is not  a surprising things , we generally get such answers in real life .This may sound so amateur answer for you but This is what i understood finally that the major reason is that we are lacking proper orientation attributes in  this relationship . To explain it better let me tell you somethings what  generally happen in real life , some of you might have been experienced it in real life Once a BOY and GIRL become friends and


To me you are stranger Who reside within my heart like an angel Whom I see everyday Meet everyday But just like a stranger About you I know nothing except your name So tell me how I can share With you my smile and tears Being with you I forget all my fear Thoughts of you make me smile Giving enormous joy and divine touch Like whole world in you as such To me you are stranger Who reside within my heart like an angel About you I know nothing except your name I pinch myself that you are not a fairytale I wish to spend my life with you Though moment spend with you are very few Just like drop of dew Spend its life moment on petals of rose But those few fill me with bliss And no amount of word may glorify What your presence signify This is what in life I will miss Because About you I know nothing except your name To me you are stranger Whom I have met in this journey of life Who became Song of my life Chosen by my heart The tune that I think I will hear But


The number of days doesn't count large By number When the last time I saw Your pretty face Your smile full of grace But now the number count Feels to be uncountable It’s seems too long When seeing your face I felt the warm rush of blood Flowing inside me like a flood Too long when the staring silence Has made me so cold Too long when looking into Reflecting pool of your eyes I felt so lost And now I want to feel this again All I want to see you again The number of days doesn’t count large By number When the last time I saw Your pretty face But now the number count Feels to be too long Especially when everyday You're the one i miss When everyday I fail to give exactness to your silhouette Especially now when I have realised It wasn’t that I was waiting for you It is you who started ALL THE WAITING in my life ALL I want to feel  this again ALL I want to see you again I know next time things aren't gon