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The Transit

When I woke up, I had no idea that the world around me had changed. The ceiling of my house was yellow! That’s the color I hate. A blaring noise almost made me jump out of my bed, I looked outside and I was terrified to see that I was at least 100 meters above the ground. I have always been afraid of height, the blurry view of the ground through the translucent glass made me giddy. I tried to look away but I couldn’t, something shiny caught my attention .I didn’t know what it was, I kept looking at it. “That is the hypnostone”  The voice had me out of my transcendental state. I turned around to face the ugliest creature I had ever seen. I almost shivered looking at the upturned horns and mask, moreover it smelled of sulphur.  My mind went on a rollercoaster of questions. My head started throbbing; a sharp pain shot through my head .I could see nothing, nothing at all. The last thing that I saw was a sly grin on the creature’s face and him lunging forward. I don’t know how l