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Coexisting- Lets fall in Love !

There is something about Night that makes you fall in love for no obvious reasons. Being a nyctophiliac soul last night was not an exception. Perhaps as the city sleeps my mind moves to those thoughts which are unreachable during the day. I gaze into space, the light wave’s race and shift shape, colors escape, as if even moon rays interpermeate my physical state. It so simple at night when emotions are torn away from its outer shell of common sense and it’s became easy to lose yourself at night. It’s just a feeling so strange somewhat sagacious but yet deranged. It’s unclear, vivid and blurred, all about the dream I have seen. It’s all about the bliss I’m in. It’s all about the things that are so loud inside my head, and the things I have not said. I close my eyes in desperation but nothing vanishes from my sight.

I let myself think why it can’t be easy. Why two people can’t fall for each other at the same time. Every ink that I spilled on parchment from my fragmented scribe while wr…

Drugs and You !

I’m addicted to drugs
thou of a different kind
Sort of personal drug
with every breath that I take
I need it longer
To sate my hunger
for my existence.

Her Name- Alprazolam
Her Eyes – Morphine
Her Lips – Brandy
Her Smile- Cocaine
Her Dream – Marijuana
Her voice – Ecstasy
Her Love – Heroin
Her Presence – Phencyclidine 

P.S - To know about these drugs and their effects You can click Here .

The Bitten Truth !

She now seek comfort sign
Where the light won’t shine
Once the heart that used to be so divine
No longer beats even in rhyme
What was her fault ?
To suffer from such form of assault
what was never understood
upon touching her soul was gone, never found
She disappeared, without making a sound.

P.S- A picture do speaks a million words. Hats off to the Artist who made it.