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My First Job !

Today I’ve been blessed with one more responsibility. After the frustrating week and waiting sleeplessly from the last 3 days got my “ First JOB” . Yes Today I got selected in TCS (Designation - Assistant System Engineer (ASE)). This is the first time I’m posting an event of my life on my blog because first time I feel without sharing this news with some of my blogger’s friends I will be in some kind of debt because unknowingly I Realized My Blogging has helped me a lot and more importantly has improved me both as a person and my ability to write. First phase- Aptitude test and writing ability test and in writing ability test where they will give you 8-12 keywords and you have to write an email or memo (situation will be given) using those keywords without missing any in the same sequence within 10 min not less than 50 words and that too you have to type on computer so typing speed matters too. (for those who are aspiring one advice practice aptitude as well as writing abil

Spelled Pluviophile !

Trickling drizzle Squinted her eyes. I swear it Glistered turning Me - Pluviophile.

How I met your Mother (Indian Version)!

For the all the fan of How I met your Mother. Here is our own Indian version of it. Single episode ;) P:S - This gag i found out while surfing net . !

Jaded Emptiness !

One fragment of thought, sparks the flame  tearing through my veins, soon become a conflagration Burning within a desire to create a masterpiece,  to excel, for one time, never cease  Waking up every morning, with a flicker of inspiration Walking thru the burning Pyre, falling, failing, trying to shape my dream, sometime selling  it in lieu of better dreams but every time I see reality as a fault of my dreams Truth seems to be an ally of stuff  forbidden Where shall I begin my search for thou? Which Road to travel, to make a difference? So many question, whose answer   exist as a shadow of reality determined to cleaves this interstellar gloom Moving on, but every time  I watch miles on the end,  Meet Jaded me and the emptiness

Nostalgic for Thou !

Life has always been a tapestry of myriad abstractions. Sometime these abstractions makes your life worth living. Every frames of life has its own story, some escalate quickly and become part of our life while some becomes antithesis of our own thoughts over a period of time. Today’s night has its own story, part of it is subtle yet omnipresent. I was at the birthday party of my friend enjoying gobbling and devouring all deliciously yummy food. A huge marble room where you see many faces and greet them but you still do not know any one of them (yes I was seeing my friend after five years) perhaps nibbling the favorite dish and seeing others people is the only thing that can ease your life there. So with nothing interesting to do I started to nibble one of my favorite dish so that I can get lost in its mesmerizing taste forgetting the world around me. I opened my eye to take another bite but was surprised to see that the same world around me seems to me, like a changed world now. T