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Origin of sentence and Parallel life !

Off late I have been spending most of the time staring at my laptop screen searching for something that will illustrate a written prescription of a scrambled heart, running my fingers over the pages to feel the indentations of my pen that has released a dam of so many noun, adjectives and verb onto papers without worrying about correct sentence structure and grammar or anything like that. This isn’t the first time, I know how this goes, and it’s a route I understand well. But this isn’t a problem doc. The problem exists somewhere in the quantum physics of reality, I pretend to live in doc. Individual alphabets exist in space. All those twenty six alphabets coalesce to form millions of colossal elements over another trillion of years. We christen this thing as a “word”. These words keep on gyrating-sticking with another tiny word till a “sentence” is formed. But the problem was I wasn’t able to make sense out of these sentences doc. tick, tock doc. And then those sent

How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You !

Sometimes we meet someone and we just know: it's love. However, it isn't always easy to make them realize that maybe they love you too. So If you've fallen for someone and you'd like them to feel the same way about you, here is one suggestion if nothing else works which has been tried and tested formula in Bollywood movies for over a decade (before SRK changed this approach) to help you encourage their feelings along in the right direction, all you need is a little jump :P Official partner -  "B to T" Wood movies of twentieth century ! This post have not been created with an intention to hurt sentiments of anyone or inspire anyone. Its just for fun and if you are really getting inspired after reading this then you seriously need a psychiatrist :P  PS :- My sincere apology to all those psychopath who somehow landed on this post through search engine by searching "how to make someone fall in love with you"

Enchantress !

There is this girl when you begin to know her, you will feel you have a galaxy of “I love you’s” inside of you to spill onto her and if you will look into her eyes really you will realize those two brilliant kohl lined eyes actually makes an infinity, and gives you forever within a fraction of a second. She may not be most stunning and gorgeous, but she is God’s beautiful work of art; radiating aliveness into your soul because she is what Charles Bukowski meant when he said “Find what you love and let it kill you”. [P.S- Those who have heard the " Q jaanu Na (initial one paragraph version) " the song that i wrote and posted few daysback as   100th post  here is a link you can download the studio version of it  Download  (full song) . Do give your feedback though its not too good i must admit but since its the first one so i'm sharing it shamelessly :D ]

Fake Book Covers - 1 !

What if Some of the best selling books written by known author had been written by Indian politicians, businessman and celebrities that are so honest that they put YoSoHonest Arvind Kejriwal to shame? :P So I redesigned the original cover of some books that i thought should see the light of the day. P.s - There are more in this series (some half designed and some still in mind) and will be posting it soon (any idea or new title about book cover that you think should be added do mail me [credit would be given] ).

Crackling Realization !

I’ve been writing for ten seasons now sometime in the five o’clock shadow to overcome my apathy for survival, sometime to get out of my candle waxed dreams that I have burned at the cross with mainstream reality, sometime cross-stitching my longing and stringing every vowels like Christmas light to write anything worth putting a meaningful title to but none of it worked until I started to let my bones to get burned in the mouth of madness and realized brightest are the flames that burns the most So now I drink my thoughts straight and smoke out every words that comes but that doesn’t mean I’m poet or lover or writer or anything worth calling may be just a ghostly cyborg turned into punching bag metaphors who prefers chaos between love and peace for learning how to live in myself because when as a kid I was asked what’s the difference between love and war? I told them I don’t know the difference and now I’m almost twenty two and the only d

Enigma of Night !

I miss the enigma of the night because as the city sleeps my mind moves to those thoughts which are unreachable during the day, those thoughts which fits me like shards of glass on feeble doted wrists. Every freckle that shines in those nights tells a story and adds a profit to my mistakes that has graced me with experiences; when with the change in color of sky, I gaze into space and see those scattered stars interpermeate my physical state like broken pieces of misplaced collections trying terribly hard to be something else. Those 3 AM season of self-arson, when looking outside my window sill I see the whole world moving, and when these neon lights bring back me the thoughts that, outside this window there are lives that are being lived by the people who have my heart. When I see ghosts of stories appearing through these window sills. Outside this window, there is a room that my parents are sitting in, trying to come to the term with the choices their children have made. The