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I Wrote this for you !

I felt a presence. Probably yours. It was more like my own dead silence taking the shape from a puff of Insignificant yet cancer causing smoke. In the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, random swivel of fingers was forced to tap on the keys of keyboard, just to pour out something, that can nullify this random surge of unfathomable emotions blended with unknown fear and angst ridden thought that may lead you back to me and the path I'm on then you would know that I wrote this for you and only you. I kept lightning cigarette and tiny spec of dust thought of yours kept me indulged and engaged and I was determined to write Something for you, which I don't even know I can do. My atom would have been arranged anywhere on this Celestial Planet but somehow it was attracted towards yours. It entered the atmosphere and experienced a prelude tantalizing from your eye, clogging the arteries, stopping the flow of blood and filling it with just you and only your thought

Love at first Sight !

Heaven conspired, two star aligned before night and dazzling like rearlights with heart palpitating smile her Glimpse begins a tale. Those enticing eye kept my Impending abstraction rising, finally my heart did a somersault. Melting like ricotta, finally with charred existence and will, I felt carnival napalm rain of Love at First Sight. P.S - Everyone has got Love at first sight story.Above is mine :D I would like to hear your's :)  . Just post your link in comment box if you had wrote one or i will suggest try your hand and yeah don't forget to give me link.

Beautiful Lovers ( Images depicting Love ) !

I look into your eyes. Why are you sad my love? Did love disappoint you? Then you ought to know, It’s nothing new. The love that usually lasts forever, Is neither perfect like plastic. Nor glitters like gold. But is like pure carbon, Crude and formless, Does not crumble but glows Under conflicts. And it’s yours to shape. This Images are not from any movie or photo shoot . It's a random photo click and both of them is unaware, though i guess in last she had a little sense of being captured and "I blushed" seeing her smiling like that. But it was delight to see two lovers, How she smiled because she was late and He was little angry because he was waiting quite a while for her and finally alas she succeed.There was no space for anything except Love.May God bless the couple and their Love . :) :) .. P:S- Sincere request *Please do not spam these pictures* .. 

Distant Destiny!

Slithering around in the dark shadow of the lonely forest, Devoid of Sun warmth, devoid of anything divine Felt Entangled in existing shackles in an ambience of gloom Does here lies Satan’s demented soldier; or resides harbinger of doom Marching ahead feeling restless and helpless, searching a path of truce The end almost unknown to me , Was I destined to end up in a noose But faith has something else in my share, Mother nature did the save , a sight so serene and so fair Fear can sheath the quill, but prayer always weaves another will an amber cloaking the morning dew, Valhalla will even steal this hue Mine, yours, free falling, zero gravity dreams Can never show you a so limpid river glideth, and wooden bridge gleam Green algae and cobble stone, Icing earth in joy, in woe Like those calm water running under and wetting the wooden piers Some lonely verses are inked in lonely tears No matter what you find, Natural Beauty is climate of mind I would cheris

Dream Xanax You!

With the advent of flames,traced back to you.The dreams that beget pain and inexplicable tranquility.And I see you standing in dense mist-in a place inaccessible,isolated and every few nights shattering my cosy,oblivious sheaths of escapist solitaire by your resounding echoing laugh,your wicked twitch of eye,your subtle brushing of a random,stray strand of hair and then smiling again,delving me further deeper into the vertigo of nothingness,where I lose my existence and burn and incinerate into cinders that buoyate forth into deep grey skies painted with my sense of loss,in quest of you.WHERE ART THOU?Lost?Oblivious to Love?Now I know why stars burn.Every night.They too lost their beloved-comets who went on their quest leading them stars alone.Shame and guilt over-rides a Comet's mind or heart(if she has any).The reason why the tail of a comet always faces away from the stars. I know you've got nothing to do with whatever is written here,yet so engaging,every single w

Absurd Face !

Kindle Your Romance  Engulf  dark, Still A Feeble Flame. P.S- My first forlorn attempt for Haiku.