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Vagabond Thought

this is the 1st blog i tried ..

Friends, Emotions, Trust, and Love

These 4 words we know from a long time and will know them till the life exists …

Because what is more important in life than a Beautiful relationship with the people around us (even the nature) and these 4 words are the basic ingredient of a beautiful Relationship and none of you can deny it.

but the things that will change with the time about these 4 words are ..

our views, need, amount, forms, and the nature

isn’t it ???
I guess here you will agree with me just compare an infant, a child, teenagers, grownup person

and old person in this respect.

We can learn these 4 words in school like Algebra, History etc, but certainly we don’t learn its true meaning in school

Who teaches us about them???

Generally the answer that comes in our mind is that LIFE teaches us about the meaning of these 4 words.

Yes life teaches it but

Isn’t it some kind of wonder?

That we learn the real value of these 4 words but after going through t…

My Pain better than my silence

I put my hand in the fire, now I’m burned
Obviously my heart will also burn sometime
have learned my lesson so I wouldn’t complain
I made mistakes but there's no one to blame

Knowing there's no way to change,
No way to stop the pain
That had now taken the
Shape of silence within me.

I thought that was good for me
Now Pain is not there but gone
But I never had that clue
That this silence
Will always make me blue.

Silence has taken the shape
Of amoeba within me,
No matter where I go,
What I do
How happy I am
It seems to persist within me
And always gush through my mind.


O heart, o heart

How did it feel to you?

When you have to tell so much

Without any words

To someone

Who is your everyone

O heart, o heart

How did it feel to you?

When the person turns away

From you the other way

Seeing whom you was once

Ignited with a warm feelings

Now they become cold to you

O heart, o heart

How did it feel to you?

When your love seems lost

And will never return to you

But you only have those most

Lovely memories inside you

O heart, o heart

How did it feel to you?

When everything rips apart

And around you it’s all dark

When out of hundred you need only one

But that only one has left you all alone

O heart, o heart

Please answers me

I don’t know the answer

I don’t know what and whom

I am searching for

On which way I am going

What I have gained

What I have lost

I don’t know the answer

On the path of journey

Journey of my life

Is there someone whom I am missing

Or it’s a just a feeling of my lonely heart

I don’t know the answer

For what I see in dream

Do truly they have deep meanings

Meaning that are never clear

The meanings can hurt

Giving scars to heart

Will these scars will decorate my life

I don’t know the answer

I am happy and fine

But why my heart isn’t filled

With happiness Devine

Why I find myself a stranger in mirror even?

What had happened to me

I don’t know the answer.

Torment for Me

Torment for me

People love to see everyone
As there fervent wannabe.
But being impostor is hard for me
Especially when it left
A vagabond within me,
Vagabond with my thoughts,
Vagabond with my dream.
It’s a torment for me.

It’s a torment for me
To hold a conversation
When the words aren’t enough
Or where words can’t explain
My feelings, my thought.

It’s a torment for me
To hold a conversation
Where Words bite even
Without teeth.
Rather a silent torment.

It’s a torment for me,
Where I have to choose
Between my mind and heart
When both are correct

It’s a torment for me,
To be in a doubt that
Is the person whom I like,
Likes me or not
Rather a silent torment

It’s a torment for me
To walk on the path
Covered with fog,
Without knowing that is
We are going to walk together

I want it to be forever,
With you, knowing
99% probability is never.

What about other 01%???
And this % of torment
is enough for my dissection.

As it was Nothing Remain

Do you remember the day
You left me standing
Against the world
And lost in your way .
Its been so long
That I almost forget
Then why you not .
Even now every time I remember
My cheeks got all wets
Though for you it’s not the same
Decision you made that cold night
Not for me but for you was right.
And I was left with some fright
Fright of being alone again
As it was nothing remain
Same after the jiffy you left
That what I felt.

Word heard earlier was same
But now its meaning has changed.
My entire Dream has stunted
Together with that my feelings also blunted.
There was time
Which for me was felicitous
But now time
Has changed and icon replaced
And our fervent love also changed
As it was nothing remain
After the jiffy you left

Something which never bothered us
Seem to devour our hearts today
The tenderness which clung of love
Is left far, far away
And when I turn my head
Look back to watch again
The iron foundation of our relations
I found nothing but those two
Tender strands of faith