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Negligent Corner !

One night, I fell in Love with the idea to excavate all my fragmented scribe and ink that was spilled to describe on a crumbled up parchment in my dingy apartment   And Excavated, every word with fitful fingers acting like scythe with the tears borne in my eyes past skin, tissue and rind disguise until, naked and trembling, I took a deep breath and dah excavated back the last word from the last throbbing ink and my veins to bare the messed up tangled sheets raw, boneless inside still shivering like heavenly soul caught in cold with a frenzied look in every brittle word and screeching like a caged bird those tangled sheets, started thrusting its small thin, soft body again and again up against the windows pane searching for an elusive holy fire to turn its composites into ashen pyres because essence of those words was dying from the core along with the dreams it forswore Yes, it hurt no, I don’t know why I did it but I walked away letting th

Resisting The Stillness !

To the someone whom you will find worthy for you, Love her endlessly and passionately because you couldn’t see the fragility of her heart to the softness of her skin that could bruise almost too easily. She is the kind of soul you will never meet twice, even if you spend hours contemplating the words to describe her, but no possible combination of twenty six different letters could ever possibly capture even the essence of what she feels like. Never throw the careless painful words in a heated moment, because she is a girl who gets hurt easily, but she will always keep her temper and will never call you horrible names that she can’t take back. So only pick the fight that is worth fighting for. Because losing her is not worth anything that can be found in 7,000,000,000 people. Let her open up to you, because past the collected exterior lies a wild, untamed child that will make your heart smile that words cannot explain. Sometime she will fall for herself and wouldn’t

A Walk in the Dark !

She was still breathing, but the soul was lost, Tossed carelessly on junk-cluttered sidewalks,  drugged and dead, unconscious, Of the world around her, now whatever existence she had, certainly wasn’t life. Filth and stench of the city, caked into her skin  Heartless beast made it seem she was part of garbage she was lying in.

Hidden Fragility !

Today I’m handing you an unedited version of myself. Do you know what hurts? Heartbreak no. Looking at you hurts, because I badly want to hold your hand and stare at you; and know what it feels like not to be the window pane anymore, but I can’t. These Hours of a wait to dawn upon the moments hurts where I type in an “I MISS YOU” but then I delete letter upon letter with fragments of myself and my emotions and replaces it with “GOOD NIGHT” denying the fact that I’m forever enslaved to the path you once crossed.

Degrees of Throwback !

An unconsciousness sailed through me seeing you sitting at the edge of your seat with elbows resting on your knees as you started talking to me. I began to search for myself in your flowing lines, within your heaven of adverbs and nouns that sometimes escaped into oblivion. I saw shimmering belted star in your smile telling me many named winter myths, burning meteor sailing over thousand stratospheric mile to be Kohl of your eye. Every second in a delicate frame, suddenly I realized I had something to lose, because my constellations are made up of every little  conversations  we had.

The Aftertaste !

Since the inception of this feeling I have loved you and half of my life I will do that, but now I’m done of something. I’m done caring, I’m done taking the blame, and I’m done running after you. The only regret I’ve got is playing house under my pillow and letting melancholia curl up beneath my eyelids every time I tasted smoke in the back of my throat at four in the morning thinking about you with someone else, when shiver creeps down my spine. That’s real. Me with dilated pupil whenever you tasted digital and burning somewhere inside me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.s- New series of 100 word story (first time writing in 100 words). I don't smoke or do drugs or recommend it to anyone . I use them in my post just to make it feel more intricate and intriguing. P.S.s- Those who think i write my personal account here.Such Noobs :P. I'm just experimenting with every form of writing. i'm not comfort

10 Minutes Before A Final Goodbye !

10, 9, 8… We are all moments away from something new, the clock keeps ticking and ten minute later you will be leaving and I don’t have a reason to ask you to stay. I don’t have a heart-moving words; nor do I have a grand gesture to show you how much I care about you. I saw the entire universe of galaxies, and I thought of you. I wonder what my warm eyes were looking at, are they? Doting around the stars looking for someone to reciprocate the exhilaration that runs through my veins in form of memories of the year spent with you. May be I want to scream at the top of my lungs for everyone to hear or the confetti to be thrown from the clouds written with all these words that try to shine with sincerity. 7, 8, 6… I’m sorry that I never wrote anything perfect for you so that I can give it to you, not even a simple goodbye. And truthfully, I don’t know what I would say in return if you wished me goodbye, the usual best of luck with your career and for your life. But if I