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* Topic: Write a poem based the following photo prompt. Sailing alone, far from the shore, towards the high and mad sea   A melancholy strain touches my eye; I feel a sense of qui vive I see sun sloped down the clouds; brilliant brightness of the sky going pale I hear the silence raspy requiem, Singing in the sky I see no nightingale. There is stillness in the air the whirling wind has suddenly given his frown  The sanity of the sky comes to a standstill As if it would take years to reach down  The arid arena shows no signs of life  as if waiting for a stirring storm  I see no bird or beast pass by; the bluntness beyond any norm  Bones infested with growing fear, realization gives me a serpent kiss  Till now under a spotless cloud of ignorance, I was asking for bliss.  Once free from manacles of birth, the beauty in beauty never wanes  No bed is warmer than grave; without mutual acceptance love is vain.  Every things that are and were, now just wav

You mind It,She is Mine !

With the advent of you I know;  I like with you to flirt entire lifetimes thou, I want to lay like this forever, like one soul All my love i give to you, me be your sole I promise you, I'll protect you at every steps From every vile, and novice clicker like that Will turn blind, So Hey! You get it in your mind She is mine!                           Don't be afraid, let the magic rain Blanket of light, will wrap us again Together singing in the dark we will get a sunny dawn                                                        P.S - All the above image are in sequence as the two lover posed for my summer time pass.

Incognito !

One fine stormy night I peeped out of the window Pitch black sky, streets scattered with a forlorn shadow A solitary soul stole my sight, shimmering in the dark of night Embracing the breeze, she stood there like starry light She smiled tenderly, some cold drops caressed her forehead Half impaired by her mellowed face, saw lips with melting hues red. Her sparkling hazel eyes, resembled as if Zeus held a chariot race Her Hairdo, resembled if Clouds twirled in mystic fashion face. Hours passed, but the time was paused in her presence Where was my mind, her essence took over my sense. I painted portraits on dark walls and drew a million puzzles My insanity grew by the night and so did the intermittent drizzles. Heavens conspired, and it rained like it was Ragnarok ground The waves were turbulent, was it Poseidon’s frown? She walked away drenched, flickering in the rain Yonder street lamp, I shared his solitary pain. Bereft, I beheld my reflection in the

The Morning You Gifted!

Unbraided hair, caressing your cheeks, dusted on your eyebrows, few rays of sunrise. I gazed at you, but then sleepily with partial candid eye, you met my gaze and flooded a smile. Embarrassedly in haste I looked aside and recollected, today you gifted me the most priceless gift of life,” The morning that spelt love!” P.S - My first 55 fiction ! Topic was Write a 55 fiction about the most priceless gift you have received from your loved one.


I was fall of 2779 AD .I had just taken a break from my work and decided to spend some time in my lake-house. After the recent troubles in my life I needed sometime alone. I was just done keeping the kettle on flames and setting up the fire in the fire-place and was reading an old occult book when I heard a loud screaming. Now this was weird as it was 11 p.m. and it was cold and raining. I went to the door to see what was happening. A large ship has just crashed in my town causing heavy damage and casualties. The current state of the people, burning places and building was too much to surface the inexplicable pain, when I heard the news that more ships had crashed in other parts of the earth. Alien Invasion was always a mainstay of science fiction but today these fiction seemed to be more real than any dream I had ever had in my life. I could still hear the sharp, ripping metal explosion, the searing wave of heat, and I rushed towards the site out of my curiosity and to