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दरमियाँ (In Between)! (with english translation)

मयस्सर नही है तेरी चाहत क़ी अक़ीदत पर इस दिल ने की है हर वक़्त बस क़ी है तेरी ही इबादत नक्श ही रह जाएँगा तेरा मेरे दिल के इन सुर्ख लबों पर पर तेरी ये तसलीम झिलमिल मुस्कुराहट ज़हेन मैं ज़हेर सियाह, भाया है इस काफिरों के इतना सियाह की तुझी मैं घुलता जा रहा हू ज़र्रों मैं कभी अमावस को तेरी आखो का काजल बना तो कभी तेरे पलाको पे सितारों को साज़ा जीने लगा हू बस अब तेरे सासो के दरमियाँ . English Translation (Some what):-  It’s not possible to get, faith of your Love But every-time my heart has worshiped just thou only vague Images of you will be left on this red lips of my heart but those peaceful glinting smile of yours is flowing like a poison, pleasingly inside my infidel soul in such an amount that, my molecules are going to dissolve in you Sometime making the dark of “New moon” your kohl even sometime embellishing stars on your feathery eyelid ‘M now just living in between your breath  P.S - Learning Urdu is so much fun and great !   

A Rub on Faint Heart !

Between our heart Mine a Dandelion Puff So I decided to burn My composites.

If Only !

You build a world of silence with your gaze and every shadows flutter away The dark void spin; my soul explode Everything that your hazel eyes eject reaches the shell of my crux I know that it hurts to swallow smoke, inhale and I’ve tried so hard to exhale Instead I became my own surrogate Its anxiety inducing; you and I exist but ‘we’ are just Fiction, and I’m not even present in that but there’s this haze how I see exhalations my constellations are made of our conversation’s and If only we were real I would take your hand and twirl you under velvet night sky If only we were real I would take all your darkness and provide you ‘The elixir of your life’! If only we were real only you can tell me how to emanates this smoke, It's the denouement of the fire you invoke, If only ! PS:- Before any one says why I Disappeared.'EXAMS :(' .Now  download Tangled Vibes Android App to remain always Tangled :D. For more Info click read more   PS