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दरमियाँ (In Between)! (with english translation)

मयस्सर नही है तेरी चाहत क़ी अक़ीदत पर इस दिल ने की है हर वक़्त बस क़ी है तेरी ही इबादत नक्श ही रह जाएँगा तेरा मेरे दिल के इन सुर्ख लबों पर पर तेरी ये तसलीम झिलमिल मुस्कुराहट ज़हेन मैं ज़हेर सियाह, भाया है इस काफिरों के इतना सियाह की तुझी मैं घुलता जा रहा हू ज़र्रों मैं कभी अमावस को तेरी आखो का काजल बना तो कभी तेरे पलाको पे सितारों को साज़ा जीने लगा हू बस अब तेरे सासो के दरमियाँ .
English Translation (Some what):- 

It’s not possible to get, faith of your Love
But every-time my heart has worshiped just thou
only vague Images of you will be left
on this red lips of my heart
but those peaceful glinting smile of yours
is flowing like a poison, pleasingly inside my infidel soul
in such an amount that, my molecules are going to dissolve in you
Sometime making the dark of “New moon” your kohl
even sometime embellishing stars on your feathery eyelid
‘M now just living in between your breath 

P.S - Learning Urdu is so much fun and great !

A Rub on Faint Heart !

Between our heart Mine a Dandelion Puff So I decided to burn My composites.

If Only !

You build a world of silence with your gaze
and every shadows flutter away
The dark void spin; my soul explode
Everything that your hazel eyes eject
reaches the shell of my crux
I know that it hurts to swallow smoke, inhale
and I’ve tried so hard to exhale
Instead I became my own surrogate
Its anxiety inducing; you and I exist
but ‘we’ are just Fiction, and I’m not even
present in that
but there’s this haze how I see exhalations
my constellations are made of our conversation’s
and If only we were real
I would take your hand
and twirl you under velvet night sky
If only we were real
I would take all your darkness
and provide you ‘The elixir of your life’!
If only we were real
only you can tell me how to emanates this smoke,
It's the denouement of the fire you invoke,
If only !

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Coexisting- Lets fall in Love !

There is something about Night that makes you fall in love for no obvious reasons. Being a nyctophiliac soul last night was not an exception. Perhaps as the city sleeps my mind moves to those thoughts which are unreachable during the day. I gaze into space, the light wave’s race and shift shape, colors escape, as if even moon rays interpermeate my physical state. It so simple at night when emotions are torn away from its outer shell of common sense and it’s became easy to lose yourself at night. It’s just a feeling so strange somewhat sagacious but yet deranged. It’s unclear, vivid and blurred, all about the dream I have seen. It’s all about the bliss I’m in. It’s all about the things that are so loud inside my head, and the things I have not said. I close my eyes in desperation but nothing vanishes from my sight.

I let myself think why it can’t be easy. Why two people can’t fall for each other at the same time. Every ink that I spilled on parchment from my fragmented scribe while wr…

Drugs and You !

I’m addicted to drugs
thou of a different kind
Sort of personal drug
with every breath that I take
I need it longer
To sate my hunger
for my existence.

Her Name- Alprazolam
Her Eyes – Morphine
Her Lips – Brandy
Her Smile- Cocaine
Her Dream – Marijuana
Her voice – Ecstasy
Her Love – Heroin
Her Presence – Phencyclidine 

P.S - To know about these drugs and their effects You can click Here .

The Bitten Truth !

She now seek comfort sign
Where the light won’t shine
Once the heart that used to be so divine
No longer beats even in rhyme
What was her fault ?
To suffer from such form of assault
what was never understood
upon touching her soul was gone, never found
She disappeared, without making a sound.

P.S- A picture do speaks a million words. Hats off to the Artist who made it. 

If you are a writer !

P.S - Shout out to everyone who flooded my mind with their original stuff :')
and sorry for extra 't' in strips if you noticed :d

Someone Special Introspection !

Writing has always made me feel revived. But at certain point of time every writer has to face the “Now what?” anxiety of the blank page. These past couple of days has been pretty rough and when today after so many days I sat to write I found this anxiety so nerving. Even the thoughts that I don't have any thoughts that I can assemble in form of the words was killing me. Every time I have used this nerving anxiety to write about you. It isn’t that I can’t write about something else but there is so much desire to write about you that every time I stare at the blank page of mine and write any word, every words somehow traces its written origin back to you. So perhaps this time too it’s all about you. Following heart when mind is blank has been my ritual while writing but Some Special Introspections was never a thing that I did.
When I started blogging back in 2011 since than this is the 80th post I’m writing out of which this one is the 70th times I’m writing about you. Does this mak…

Miserable at Best !

Words and keeping distance from you has always served as my armor, whenever I used to have a temple of thoughts and unfathomable feelings for you, I just used it to hide myself. But now a days these words has started plucking my sheaths of oblivions. Now a days I write with a fragile hand, with a heart up my sleeves, with Uncountable emotions behind every stretched words I write. Now a days my every efforts to distance myself fails, because those hazel eyes of yours has pierced every dust and atom of my body and those heart palpitating smile of yours has settled inside my heart and now you’re flowing in every single nerve.

Having a claustrophobic mind I was afraid to await so much at closed places, and now I wait at the closed beautiful heart of yours. Interplay of situations beautiful isn't it? But somehow my dream sprung a leak and now all my intentions has been washed away. Sinned that what I’m now because the frantic inside me have fallen in love with you and it know no other …

She !

She’s beautiful
in way love poems live in our hearts
She’s high on heels
and high on booze
Hazel eye, feathery eyelid, Tinted pink cheeks
and red hues lips
she’s perfect like a character from a holy books.

She’s beautiful,
deep down to her soul,
She’s fun, she’s crazy
but her sorrow is what she – conceal.

My First Job !

Today I’ve been blessed with one more responsibility. After the frustrating week and waiting sleeplessly from the last 3 days got my “First JOB”. Yes Today I got selected in TCS (Designation - Assistant System Engineer (ASE)). This is the first time I’m posting an event of my life on my blog because first time I feel without sharing this news with some of my blogger’s friends I will be in some kind of debt because unknowingly I Realized My Blogging has helped me a lot and more importantly has improved me both as a person and my ability to write.

First phase-
Aptitude test and writing ability test and in writing ability test where they will give you 8-12 keywords and you have to write an email or memo (situation will be given) using those keywords without missing any in the same sequence within 10 min not less than 50 words and that too you have to type on computer so typing speed matters too. (for those who are aspiring one advice practice aptitude as well as writing ability test (al…

Spelled Pluviophile !

Trickling drizzle Squinted her eyes. I swear it Glistered turning Me - Pluviophile.

How I met your Mother (Indian Version)!

For the all the fan of How I met your Mother. Here is our own Indian version of it. Single episode ;)
P:S - This gag i found out while surfing net . !

Jaded Emptiness !

One fragment of thought, sparks the flame  tearing through my veins, soon become a conflagration Burning within a desire to create a masterpiece,  to excel, for one time, never cease  Waking up every morning, with a flicker of inspiration Walking thru the burning Pyre, falling, failing, trying to shape my dream, sometime selling  it in lieu of better dreams but every time
I see reality as a fault of my dreams
Truth seems to be an ally of stuff  forbidden
Where shall I begin my search for thou?
Which Road to travel, to make a difference? So many question, whose answer
exist as a shadow of reality determined to cleaves this interstellar gloom Moving on, but every time  I watch miles on the end,  Meet Jaded me and the emptiness

Nostalgic for Thou !

Life has always been a tapestry of myriad abstractions. Sometime these abstractions makes your life worth living. Every frames of life has its own story, some escalate quickly and become part of our life while some becomes antithesis of our own thoughts over a period of time. Today’s night has its own story, part of it is subtle yet omnipresent.

I was at the birthday party of my friend enjoying gobbling and devouring all deliciously yummy food. A huge marble room where you see many faces and greet them but you still do not know any one of them (yes I was seeing my friend after five years) perhaps nibbling the favorite dish and seeing others people is the only thing that can ease your life there. So with nothing interesting to do I started to nibble one of my favorite dish so that I can get lost in its mesmerizing taste forgetting the world around me. I opened my eye to take another bite but was surprised to see that the same world around me seems to me, like a changed world now. There…

Words some mine few yours !

There are some phrases on these lips of mine But Some of its words 
are still at your possessions 
Bound in the bond of desires
The words which I have
Words which are lost in your thoughts
Words which have not slept for centuries
in dream of your hazel eyes
She too has feel of those words
At the door step of time, this secret
of mine – is now hers too.

Though wrapped these words are scattered
I have to entwine them and keep with myself
before it losses its meaning 
I have to share it with you
with us

But don’t know why today 
this pot of ink
seems an empty one 
just like me
perhaps in the knot of these words
There is either an oceans or trench
or Seclusion of a lonely heart ..

P.S - This is a close translation of  my hindi poem लफ्ज़... कुछ.मेरे.कुछ.तुम्हारे.! .. for all those who can't read hindi .

Deepika Padukone while watching Television !

We all know FORBES Magazine releases Richest Man List and its different category. Watch out what our very own Deepika Padukone Thinks while reading it and "How she create her so Called "TO DO LIST" .

P.S - I haven't been paid by any one to malign her image.This is just a work of Boredom nothing personal. As an actress I love her to .  I guess we all love her ;)

Napalm Cellophane and Night !

I was idle, laying on my bed battling the blues, staring the ceiling, staring into the darkness of my room trying to figure out depth of this jilted despair inside me. Something comes when you least expect it, so was this feeling of emptiness of this whole world has been depopulated and world being blue just with an exception of my windowpane which was colorless, perhaps like my thoughts, or your portrait on my wall that I have painted and your interpretation of me. Of me being.
I slept by the windowpane. A cool breeze touched my face accompanying me during my tribulations. I saw some blue cellophane paper lying there rejected, heartbroken. Cornered by pangs of unknown guilt. It’s mine now. I put it between my eye and the windowpane, and it led to my agent of antithesis arousing the anarchy of desires “I saw Shades of the night sky punctuated, neatly with stacks of clouds and pictures of you”. My current state of thought utopia was murdered and I was in parallel worlds in parallel fa…

लफ्ज़... कुछ.मेरे.कुछ.तुम्हारे.!

इन होठों पे एक बात है ….
पर उसके कुछ लफ्ज़
अब भी किसी के पास हैं….
ख्वाहिशों की डोर में बँधे हुए
कुछ लफ्ज़ जो मेरे पास है…
लफ्ज़ जो किसी के ख़यालों में खोए हैं …
लफ्ज़ जो किसी के आँखों के खाब में
सदियों से सोए नहीं है ….
मेरे लफ़ज़ो का एहसास उनको भी है….
समय की देहलीज़ पे ये राज़
मेरे साथ- साथ अब उनका भी है …

सिमट के भी बिखरे से हैं ये लफ्ज़
उन्हे समेत के रखना है अपने पास
अर्थ खोने के पहले 
बाँटना है ...अपने साथ ...
तुम्हारे साथ ...

पर ना जाने क्यू आज ये
सियाही की डिब्बी भी
कुछ खाली सा है...
मेरी ही तरह..
सायद इन लबज़ो की गिरहें में
या तो समंदर है या खाई..
या बस एक तन्हा दिल की तनहाई...

Honhaar nai Jugaad Engineer !

Just tried an every day problem of engineer's life into comic strips

P.S- My First Attempt in Comic Strips !

Like Beauty of Hues !

I'll know I've created a truly beautiful rhyme, If it remains in your heart through sands of time. I'll know that finally your heart I stole, When I'll see your eyes,rolling tears,smeared kohl.
I'll wait for the sun to drown and advent of stars, Stars probably mighty warriors who once fell in a war. I look deep in your eyes know that the smile is fake, Your pretense,it vanishes,like morning mist from a lake.
You look at a cloud at night,wonder why it's black, I drown in you eyes,wonder which shade of night they lack. Scattered on your eyebrows,few drops of rain, Your cheeks with a tint of red,like a flag of Spain.
I'll wait for the sunset and streaks of mellow red, Melting red hues from your lips,I said. You fell in his hands,he created an art, But in some haste,he gave you my heart.

Nyctophiliac Soul !

Twinkling star, Crescent moon
 and Clandestine Whispers
- Nyctophiliac Soul .

I Wrote this for you !

I felt a presence. Probably yours. It was more like my own dead silence taking the shape from a puff of Insignificant yet cancer causing smoke. In the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, random swivel of fingers was forced to tap on the keys of keyboard, just to pour out something, that can nullify this random surge of unfathomable emotions blended with unknown fear and angst ridden thought that may lead you back to me and the path I'm on then you would know that I wrote this for you and only you.

I kept lightning cigarette and tiny spec of dust thought of yours kept me indulged and engaged and I was determined to write Something for you, which I don't even know I can do. My atom would have been arranged anywhere on this Celestial Planet but somehow it was attracted towards yours. It entered the atmosphere and experienced a prelude tantalizing from your eye, clogging the arteries, stopping the flow of blood and filling it with just you and only your thoughts. Conve…

Love at first Sight !

Heaven conspired, two star aligned before night and dazzling like rearlights with heart palpitating smile her Glimpse begins a tale. Those enticing eye kept my Impending abstraction rising, finally my heart did a somersault. Melting like ricotta, finally with charred existence and will, I felt carnival napalm rain of Love at First Sight.

P.S - Everyone has got Love at first sight story.Above is mine :D I would like to hear your's :)  . Just post your link in comment box if you had wrote one or i will suggest try your hand and yeah don't forget to give me link.

Beautiful Lovers ( Images depicting Love ) !

I look into your eyes.
Why are you sad my love?
Did love disappoint you?

Then you ought to know,
It’s nothing new.
The love that usually lasts forever,
Is neither perfect like plastic.
Nor glitters like gold.
But is like pure carbon,
Crude and formless,
Does not crumble but glows
Under conflicts.
And it’s yours to shape.

This Images are not from any movie or photo shoot . It's a random photo click and both of them is unaware, though i guess in last she had a little sense of being captured and "I blushed" seeing her smiling like that. But it was delight to see two lovers, How she smiled because she was late and He was little angry because he was waiting quite a while for her and finally alas she succeed.There was no space for anything except Love.May God bless the couple and their Love . :) :) ..

P:S- Sincere request *Please do not spam these pictures* ..