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Idealism or Realism ?

Idealism is something that never crossed my mind,you see All of us want to be the ideal one. But what i see is Idealism is full of deceit and doubt. You might be feeling that i talk too much of riddles but Have you ever doubted when someone confessed hatred ? .. But surely you doubt when they Confess about Love.Have Love being the pure then why such an doubt, you can think that we never doubt about love of our parents ,but are you sure ? . When you ask what is the best feeling of the world? some say "when someone confess about love",or "when you see yours parents happy because of you" and may be it vary from person to person. But When you draw a circle for something you don't know what have you missed outside of the circle can be something you can't ever imagine. Trapping oneself in a circle is what i hate. But with the doubt how can Love be the best feeling. (Just for example All of us talk about "Mahabharat" and "Ramayan" but One