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An Unique Interview !

What would you answer when you are asked about your weakness in an Interview ?  P.S -All Strips are made for fun purpose only and are fictitious.  

In Pectore Words of heart-4 !

Love is an hour's shower  that at the same time   stifles and enfeebles you when someone else tears wash yours away P. S : - Other than its religious meaning and origin, nowadays  in pectore  is basically used to refer to either something kept hidden or unrevealed or an expected, but still not official .. source  Wikipedia  !  

A face to call home !

Your curly hair falls straight across your face accentuating jovial hazel eyes. The corner of your lips upturned masking the blow of wisps of dandelion in the breeze with your smile. You are breathtaking, stealing my every inhale. Finger yet to be interlaced, still to feel your warmth and love; yet you feels like home.  P.S - For Those who love Typography. You can enjoy some fun here  Wordificator

You and I Collide !

It’s been a while since I breathed with my words and to be precise with you. Wandered off like drift wood in the pacific of your thoughts. I swear I thought that this time I would not break but now I’m feasted upon by the idea of you like a food in front of a hungry shark and I offer myself to you again with a heart even more you own. It’s really hard to close the door that you’ve fought to keep open before. The dream that beget from the air that holds the fragrance of yours or the marks of your lips that you left on the glass while drinking water, finds you in everything that you have once touched or made a part of somehow. Every word written here has traces of origin back to you, because you have had a way with my head. I’m not going to deny that I was not aware of your beauty. But the point is my words has nothing to do with your beauty. As I got to know you I realize beauty was least of your qualities. You instills grace in every common things and divinity in every carele