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Come And Untangle me Now

Every time your fleeting eye
Touches me
With a beautiful arc
of your smile
I loose a bit of me
To you
i don't know
why its so
i don't know
How to keep it low
But Everytime I see your
beautiful  Face
full of grace
I get a new Flower
to keep it in my life vase

I don't know
what is right
I don't know
what is wrong
I don't know
where we belong
All I know is I'm here
Standing alone
Tangled between the line of your Smile
Tangled in Forget-me-not of your eye

Come and Untangle me now
Come and Untangle me now

Thou I am here
far off from your place
But Its you who have filled
all my vaccant space
 Its You
where my every thoughts lead back to
I don't know
As if I'm chasing after you
All I know is I'm here
Standing alone
Tangled between the line of your Smile
Tangled in Forget-me-not of your eye

Come and Untangle me now

I don't know
Why Even after drawing so many lines
at the doorstep of time
Still i find myself hanging with you
I don't know
why With …

The Proposal

He never understood why she wanted him to propose her if she was going to say no. was it because she wanted the  mere satisfaction of being wanted and loved by someone or the pleasure of  denying  him something he wanted so desperately? Either case he was hurt…hurt to the core, He watched her leave… slowly fading into the ghostly night. The sound of traffic and hawkers on the street had faded into oblivion.. he couldn’t hear anything or in fact feel anything…he stood there watching her  turn around the corner… she was walking like the satisfied kid who just got someone beaten up…. He didn’t know how long he stood there or what he thought during the whole time. His legs started to wobble and he came out of the world where he had been utterly hurt. Physical pain have the ability to move you into action and that’s what so good about them, they do not trap you into the act of helplessness or give you chance to feel good about it. It hurts and hurts like hell. And if you act wisely it ends…


Before the inception of feelings
or before your arrival in my life
I was like time and tide,waiting for none 
my life was moving like a molten sapphire ,
where i was a creator in my own whims..
But now all i want to stay by your side..
like an air which you breathe
every moment every second 
together.. facing the harsh sun .. 
sometime trying to be your shade ..
But here I stand
Everyday Imagining your silhouette 
breathing a new leash of life
When Sunbeams wake you 
in the morning,
When Moon coolness take you
into endless dream,
Tied in the shackles of these moments,
Every moments
I am with you on this journey
Watching you from a distance
But desire is to stay with you

"All i want to be dowsed in the same drop 
that has touched you so dearly "
but being on the another twig 
I could never touch you once 
So here I stand Treasuring 
all these wetting silky moments
Into a golden ring of memory 
So here I stand Nurturing 
the dream to fall before thee
So that when your time 
in bondage with twig is done 

What Should I Call You ?

What should I call you ?
An air blow
or a water flow?
An imagination of purity
or simply a reality ?

What should I call you?
A smile that my lips wear
or a fragrance that always
kiss away my Tear

What should I call you?
The strongest glue
With whom now my every feelings had stick too
Or the "Sapphire Blue"
Of my Life

What Should I Call You?
An immature thought
or a finest dream
which I have bought.

What should I call you ?
An strangest friend,
whom god has send.

What should I call you?
A RAINBOW of my life 
or a rhythm of my heart
An appreciable soft toy
or my life joy ?

What should I call you ?..

Our Social Identity == Unproductive Society !

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice." ~-Steve Jobs’
A phrase that struck right into my heart after I read it . It wasn't that I read such thought for the first time. From time to time so many so-called high profiled people whom society have accepted have given the same message to us and every message can be briefed in a simple four word
"Do What you Love "
but what got me in a state of thought that ....
'Do everyone really mean these message' ?.. Does it just means Do what you love.. ?...
At this point your answer will be a definitely a big YES !
but 'Do society really mean it'?. Some of you might be thinking where the hell society came into picture when it is about me doing what I love to do .Resolution is not something we  get, It's Something…


खिड़की खोला तो देखा
बाहर रिमझिम बारिस हो रही थी
तो सोचा क्यू ना आज कुछ बूँदों को
हाथो मै समेत लू
क्यू ना आज फिर काग़ज़ की नाव
इस धार मै बहा लू
क्यू ना एक बार फिर उस बचपन को
जी लू
वो बचपन जो बस अब एक एहसास है
वो एहसास जो अब इतना खास है
जब भी छुआ है इसने मुझको
हर बार बस एक नमी भरी मुस्कान है

P:S :- The first Hindi Poem I wrote and despite of so many error and flaws i am shamelessly Publishing it :)

Guest Post : I NEED YOU .. !!

When I feel low
I dont want it to show
Coz I know
U love me!!
But my silence will act as a poison
Which is slow
I need u....
When I am alone
I need ur hand on my head
Which will give me a support to lead
Really I need u...
When somebody hurts me
Its u who console me
I need u...
When no one is with me
M incomplete without u
At every turns n twist of life
Happy n sad moments
When i'm low
When i'm alone
Everyday,everynight....each n every moment
I need u...

Post written by : Manali Kashyap
She is pursuing her in civil engineering from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology. She is a very nice conversationalist and someone I love talking to. She is unequivocally the most “cranky” person I have met and irrevocably a freak !!! She chooses to live and believe in dreams, She has unnatural talent in acting !! This School friend of mine is inspiring me with her speech :) A true straight-on-face friend that she is, look out for more of her posts :)


"A boy and girls can't remain Friends for a long time ".

A line generally you hear if you say someone that we are just friend or mostly in films dialogue, and if we look around there are lots of examples you can see justifying the above. But why ? >Why a boy and girls can't be a good friends for a long time ? My mind was debating on this question from so long after one friend of mine told me that he has stopped talking to her, Just because she might think it in other  way ( He may be right to some extent ), and this is not  a surprising things , we generally get such answers in
real life .This may sound so amateur answer for you butThis is what i understood finally that the major reasonis that we are lacking proper orientation attributes in this relationship . To explain it better let me tell you somethings what generally happen in real life , some of you might have been experienced it in real life Once a BOY and GIRL become friends and starts talking, Gossipin…


To me you are stranger
Who reside within my heart like an angel
Whom I see everyday
Meet everyday
But just like a stranger
About you I know nothing except your name
So tell me how I can share
With you my smile and tears
Being with you I forget all my fear
Thoughts of you make me smile
Giving enormous joy and divine touch
Like whole world in you as such
To me you are stranger
Who reside within my heart like an angel
About you I know nothing except your name
I pinch myself that you are not a fairytale
I wish to spend my life with you
Though moment spend with you are very few
Just like drop of dew
Spend its life moment on petals of rose
But those few fill me with bliss
And no amount of word may glorify
What your presence signify
This is what in life I will miss
About you I know nothing except your name
To me you are stranger
Whom I have met in this journey of life
Who became
Song of my life
Chosen by my heart
The tune that I think I will hear
But does it the same tune fate
Has c…


The number of days doesn't count large

By number

When the last time I saw

Your pretty face

Your smile full of grace

But now the number count

Feels to be uncountable

It’s seems too long

When seeing your face

I felt the warm rush of blood

Flowing inside me like a flood

Too long when the staring silence

Has made me so cold

Too long when looking into

Reflecting pool of your eyes

I felt so lost

And now I want to feel this again

All I want to see you again

The number of days doesn’t count large

By number

When the last time I saw

Your pretty face

But now the number count

Feels to be too long

Especially when everyday

You're the one i miss

When everyday

I fail to give exactness to your silhouette

Especially now when I have realised

It wasn’t that I was waiting for you

It is you who started

ALL THE WAITING in my life

ALL I want to feel  this again

ALL I want to see you again

I know next time things aren't gonna be same

But who the hell care

Beautiful Gems are very rare

SOMETIME.. IS 24 x 7 x Till i live..

Sometime I smiled

Thinking of your smiling face

And every day I wait for a glimpse of it

Sometime I worried seeing your woeful face

And every time I put a spell on the reason for it

And pray for  your better

Sometime thinking of you

Made me dreamy

Sometime thinking of you

Make me dreary

Your nearby presence

Give me reason to cherish

In your absence

I feel my world is perish

Sometime I shiver with ecstasy

Remembering …. The warmth

Of your first glance

And sometime I shiver with fear

Of agony of losing you

Sometime it feels

Months, seasons, years are rolling into decades

Waiting for you

While sometime it seems

Hope becoming sentry of timelessness

Hope of one day

The same way you will feel

Is making the hands of time stand still



Of every moment, of my life


Without you

I confess

Even at the roof top

Listening those pop

Seems lifeless, Beatles

I don’t know why things

Are so much messed

I am so much biased

Or have I become addicted
Of you

I don’t have any clue

Without you

Nothing seems going right

My mind remain engaged in fight

Always with my heart

Even the colorful world seems black and white

And everything that passes me

Seems flashing like a faint light

Or have I become addicted

Of you

I don’t have any clue

Without you

This silence

Seems a violence

And every truth seems a tale

In which every word has became pale

And every day is like a burning flame

Or have I become addicted

Of you

I don’t have any clue

Without you

It doesn't matter with whom and where

I am

Everywhere I find myself alone

Like everything has lost and gone

Or have I become addicted

Of you

I don’t have any clue

Without you

In cold moonless night

The distant bright

Star that one can sight

Seems gleaming

And everything seems creeping

The overwhelming feeling

Of you alw…

Thought Unspoken

Seeking for you

Without any clue

Like ones chase their dream

Which hasn’t come true?

Yes you are my dream untold

Don’t know what future hold

Hoping somewhere in future

‘We’ stand

holding each other hand

Where “we” word means more

Than “I” and “You”

Somewhere where walking on path of air

I can see your face everywhere

Somewhere where togetherness

Fills our world

With the Joy and love

That’s flow from our heart seeing above

Lilting the lamp of life in each other heart

With a glow that we follow

That speak a language that we know

Yeah that’s a thought unspoken

Or my imagination

I can’t figure that out

But it’s a feeling deep inside

Which always poke me like a tide

Yes you are my dream untold

Which I want to hold back

In my life

as you are in my thought

In my heart and eye

Yes you are completing the

Greatest story which is incomplete

Story which ‘we’ will write

In which our love

Is the most important part

Just waiting for you

To give it a start

SITTING beside HER !

How does it feels to sit beside someone for the first time, someone whom you love and  knowing that this may not gonna to happen again,and Living in a hope to have a mutual feelings ??..

One day he sits beside her
The one who is his first love and crush
But unlike him his heart didn't hush
So he tried to smoke his feeling
Tried to sit quietly
Sometime looking over his right
Trying to get his Angel Sight
But soon Smoke of his feelings
Started to burn him from inside
And He started to lose his strength to fight
With his own desire,
Desire to sit beside her
Not just for Today or for Sometime
But up-to the end of his life time
Desire To look into her reflecting eyes
where he always gets lost
Eyes that always seems inviting
But soon his fight with
His own desire
Started making him fragile
Giving pain that has no name
So he silently walked away
nor because he feared
Or he didn't have any
Word to say that day
Because it can be
Illusion of his own thought
Because it can be
Just one s…

Your Mysterious Eyes

The eye behind those spectacles

Caught my eye

I don’t know how

Nor do why

But those bird eye

Made my heart fly

I wish I could

Ask you a question

Will your heart join mine,

Into the mid morning sky?

There is nothing

On earth as eye catching

nor do anything

that can thought to be matching

Especially when it has become cause,

Of turning my heart into a lake

Filled with marvelous felling,

And that’s the pleasure,

Worth is beyond measure.

But those eyes are

Hiding something

Or saying something

Something that can be felt

Felt within heart

And that’s leave me frozen

Instead of broken

I wish I could

Know the answer

Of those wonderful eye

Which are sometimes shy

Don’t know why

as if it is speaking some lie

I wish I could

Ask you a question

Will you will allow me

To glance you forever

Or will it will be never.”

“I wish I could “


Every day I fail to close my heart
For some fervent feelings
That I don’t want to feel
So every day I am hurt
Every day I fall in love with a fairy tale
That together we are sailing away
Doesn’t matter even if it’s against the gale
Onto the crest of a new day
Together we are singing aloud our lay
Doesn't matter what comes in our way
So every day I am hurt

Every day i fight back with my desire and wish
Wish to see you
Desire to be with you
So every day i am hurt
Every day I had this dream
That together we are painting our love
With utmost care
Breaking the silence that we share
Together we are walking thousand miles
Forgetting about the start and end line
Everything seems quite fine
Just like people feel after having a bottle of wine
My heart is filled with happiness divine
So every day I’m hurt
After I wake up
As for me world is again blurt


Look what your beautiful eye
Are doing
They are making fool of me
So can I request you something
Quit playing those eye game
As I am really getting tame
To your this game
And the truth is difficult to frame

There is intoxication
In your every gaze
And its hangover is enough to fade
Me into you
So can I request you something
Quit playing those eye game
As I don’t want to be
My heart maze
This is making me insane
As I am really getting tame
To your this game
And the truth is difficult to frame

Look what your beautiful eye
Are doing
They are making fool of me
So can I request you something
Quit playing those eye game
As I don’t want to
Make my heart lame
Gaining a pain which has no name
Quit playing those eye game
Even thou it isn’t my inner scream
But I don’t want to get a dream
Which will melt like an ice-cream
And the truth is difficult to frame
So can I request you something
Quit playing those eye game
Nothing will ever be same
As I am really getting tame
To your this game

Feelings I'm Sorry !

Feelings I'm sorry
As I'm always in fight
With you
For making my heart on the loose
Without leaving any option
Which i can choose
I can't stop your deeper growing rout
Neither I can let you out
Nor do I can express you
To one
For whom you care the most
What if you got treated like a host
Because if you will fall behind
I can't pick you up
And give one more try

Feeling I am sorry
For pleading you to hush
because I don't have any notion
How to subdue
Your excited commotion
tide like flow
neither I can keep your given emotion
It becoming difficult to keep you hide
But I can't let you out
Even you fill me with so much simper and joy
What if you got treated like a toy?
With whom people will play and enjoy
Why don't you subside?
Because I can't let you out
Nor do I can express you
To one
For whom you care the most
What if you got treated like a host
Because if you will fall behind
I can't pick you up
And give one more try
Feeling I'm really sorry…

I Wish I Could Tell You!

I wish I could tell you
Whenever I see you
How really I feel
What you really mean
To me
I wish I could tell you

I wish I could tell you
The way you make me feel
Whenever I see you each day
Even if you sit so far away
I wish I could tell you
I was happily moving alone
But now that happiness has gone
After the day I saw you
Because your eye made
Me realize how much fade
That happiness can be said

I wish I could tell you
That even your slender smile
Makes me smile too
Provoking my heart ripples
Unto a warm feeling
That runs through my blood
Just like a flood

I wish I could tell you
Someday face to face
That you hold a special place
Within not only my heart
But within me even
I wish I could tell you
How really I feel
I wish I could tell you

I Just Want To Be a Phoenix Bird !

I just want to be a Phoenix bird
so that every time i am dumped
by fate turning my inspiration
dream, confidence, hope in ashes..
I will rise again from the ashes,
this time even more stronger
, more hopeful, more confident..

I just want to be a Phoenix bird
so that every time I
sacrifice some little simple word
making some wonderful sentence
like .. I love you, I miss you,
I am falling for you,
it grow within me this time
even with stronger feeling
and bonding..

I just want to be a Phoenix bird...
the bird of paradise,
born in flame
ending in flame
swift as light
whose spirit never dies

Magician Called LOVE !

A magician moved his magical wand and it touched a boy soul.

The movement ceased. She looked at boy, he stared at her. They didn’t spoke a word; and the silence embraced every moment,

word failed to create any magic, so silence filled the surrounding

Magician moved his magical wand and the color filled Boy life.

but that color wasn’t meant to be valued or it was fake, but color didn’t started to fade instead it started showing different emotion shade; but the canvas remained incomplete

she looked at boy,he stared at her. they didn’t spoke a word,

and between them ,silence that followed

Magician moved his magical wand and they became sort of  friend

but soon it was mistaken and misinterpreted

and the wand fell on the floor made by wrong deception.. so decided  better they stay as strangers to be happy together

as magician every spell dazzled boy , so he stood there disturbed ,dazzled closing his eye

, hoping everything will disappear.

but magician know his tricks well. his wand spells…

Vagabond Thought

this is the 1st blog i tried ..

Friends, Emotions, Trust, and Love

These 4 words we know from a long time and will know them till the life exists …

Because what is more important in life than a Beautiful relationship with the people around us (even the nature) and these 4 words are the basic ingredient of a beautiful Relationship and none of you can deny it.

but the things that will change with the time about these 4 words are ..

our views, need, amount, forms, and the nature

isn’t it ???
I guess here you will agree with me just compare an infant, a child, teenagers, grownup person

and old person in this respect.

We can learn these 4 words in school like Algebra, History etc, but certainly we don’t learn its true meaning in school

Who teaches us about them???

Generally the answer that comes in our mind is that LIFE teaches us about the meaning of these 4 words.

Yes life teaches it but

Isn’t it some kind of wonder?

That we learn the real value of these 4 words but after going through t…

My Pain better than my silence

I put my hand in the fire, now I’m burned
Obviously my heart will also burn sometime
have learned my lesson so I wouldn’t complain
I made mistakes but there's no one to blame

Knowing there's no way to change,
No way to stop the pain
That had now taken the
Shape of silence within me.

I thought that was good for me
Now Pain is not there but gone
But I never had that clue
That this silence
Will always make me blue.

Silence has taken the shape
Of amoeba within me,
No matter where I go,
What I do
How happy I am
It seems to persist within me
And always gush through my mind.


O heart, o heart

How did it feel to you?

When you have to tell so much

Without any words

To someone

Who is your everyone

O heart, o heart

How did it feel to you?

When the person turns away

From you the other way

Seeing whom you was once

Ignited with a warm feelings

Now they become cold to you

O heart, o heart

How did it feel to you?

When your love seems lost

And will never return to you

But you only have those most

Lovely memories inside you

O heart, o heart

How did it feel to you?

When everything rips apart

And around you it’s all dark

When out of hundred you need only one

But that only one has left you all alone

O heart, o heart

Please answers me

I don’t know the answer

I don’t know what and whom

I am searching for

On which way I am going

What I have gained

What I have lost

I don’t know the answer

On the path of journey

Journey of my life

Is there someone whom I am missing

Or it’s a just a feeling of my lonely heart

I don’t know the answer

For what I see in dream

Do truly they have deep meanings

Meaning that are never clear

The meanings can hurt

Giving scars to heart

Will these scars will decorate my life

I don’t know the answer

I am happy and fine

But why my heart isn’t filled

With happiness Devine

Why I find myself a stranger in mirror even?

What had happened to me

I don’t know the answer.

Torment for Me

Torment for me

People love to see everyone
As there fervent wannabe.
But being impostor is hard for me
Especially when it left
A vagabond within me,
Vagabond with my thoughts,
Vagabond with my dream.
It’s a torment for me.

It’s a torment for me
To hold a conversation
When the words aren’t enough
Or where words can’t explain
My feelings, my thought.

It’s a torment for me
To hold a conversation
Where Words bite even
Without teeth.
Rather a silent torment.

It’s a torment for me,
Where I have to choose
Between my mind and heart
When both are correct

It’s a torment for me,
To be in a doubt that
Is the person whom I like,
Likes me or not
Rather a silent torment

It’s a torment for me
To walk on the path
Covered with fog,
Without knowing that is
We are going to walk together

I want it to be forever,
With you, knowing
99% probability is never.

What about other 01%???
And this % of torment
is enough for my dissection.

As it was Nothing Remain

Do you remember the day
You left me standing
Against the world
And lost in your way .
Its been so long
That I almost forget
Then why you not .
Even now every time I remember
My cheeks got all wets
Though for you it’s not the same
Decision you made that cold night
Not for me but for you was right.
And I was left with some fright
Fright of being alone again
As it was nothing remain
Same after the jiffy you left
That what I felt.

Word heard earlier was same
But now its meaning has changed.
My entire Dream has stunted
Together with that my feelings also blunted.
There was time
Which for me was felicitous
But now time
Has changed and icon replaced
And our fervent love also changed
As it was nothing remain
After the jiffy you left

Something which never bothered us
Seem to devour our hearts today
The tenderness which clung of love
Is left far, far away
And when I turn my head
Look back to watch again
The iron foundation of our relations
I found nothing but those two
Tender strands of faith