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Cheers to Life!

Cheers to life even when things go wrong
as they sometime will
when the road you are trudging
seems all uphill
when the sorrow is high
Just Smile even you have to sigh
Because life is full of up and down
it’s a queer with its twists and turn Where every one of us want the crown
and at every step something we learn And if you feel down a bit Just rest please don’t quit
Don’t give up, cheers to life Because failure will always turn about Life is what you make it And to win, you have to stuck it out There will be moment when places will seem low Just move on remember you might succeed with another blow

Let's walk Together !

Let's walk Together
Just for a while
You Speaking from the Corner of your eye
While me being lost in you and your smile
With breeze your tresses, caressing your cheeks
And me putting it aside,every time it kisses your lips
My finger Sometime touching the finger of your hand
And me wishing for time to still stand
Me Drowsing in the drop
that had touched you so dearly
And envying every air molecule
that even touches you merely
Understanding your silence and you
knowing the part of you I didn't know

Let's walk a little longer
Just towards the forever
where 'me' and 'you'
Become 'us'
And vanishes once for all.

I Vow To You !

I Vow, To be your shade, to protect you from every harshness To be your shadow, to protect you from every darkness I Vow, to protect your smile, to protect you from every vile To be the blanket, to give you warmth and happiness To be the shield, for the things that are the reason for your restlessness I Vow, to be there for you, every moment, every second Like an air which you breathe, until the sky fall underneath I Vow to be everything that you need, and if you become the sun before me, I Vow to be the Sunbird and fly to you, even if I burn And above all I vow, to Love you, Respect you every oceans of seconds With my every breath, in all your forms now and forever.