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Idealism or Realism ?

Idealism is something that never crossed my mind,you see All of us want to be the ideal one. But what i see is Idealism is full of deceit and doubt. You might be feeling that i talk too much of riddles but Have you ever doubted when someone confessed hatred ? .. But surely you doubt when they Confess about Love.Have Love being the pure then why such an doubt, you can think that we never doubt about love of our parents ,but are you sure ? . When you ask what is the best feeling of the world? some say "when someone confess about love",or "when you see yours parents happy because of you" and may be it vary from person to person. But When you draw a circle for something you don't know what have you missed outside of the circle can be something you can't ever imagine. Trapping oneself in a circle is what i hate. But with the doubt how can Love be the best feeling. (Just for example All of us talk about "Mahabharat" and "Ramayan" but One

The Transit

When I woke up, I had no idea that the world around me had changed. The ceiling of my house was yellow! That’s the color I hate. A blaring noise almost made me jump out of my bed, I looked outside and I was terrified to see that I was at least 100 meters above the ground. I have always been afraid of height, the blurry view of the ground through the translucent glass made me giddy. I tried to look away but I couldn’t, something shiny caught my attention .I didn’t know what it was, I kept looking at it. “That is the hypnostone”  The voice had me out of my transcendental state. I turned around to face the ugliest creature I had ever seen. I almost shivered looking at the upturned horns and mask, moreover it smelled of sulphur.  My mind went on a rollercoaster of questions. My head started throbbing; a sharp pain shot through my head .I could see nothing, nothing at all. The last thing that I saw was a sly grin on the creature’s face and him lunging forward. I don’t know how l

Marriage isn't marriage Anymore !

Which one is better Love marriage or Arrange marriage? The most the time the answer that I have heard from people or read is generally biased towards either one of them. Two swords cannot be placed in the same sheath so is the case of Love marriages or Arrange marriages now days. Whether you keep one or two sword in one sheath it still kills peoples, so either it’s a Love marriage or Arrange marriage they make ‘ I ‘ and ‘ YOU ’  an ‘ US ’ then why we see the both with different eyes? And in this process we actually have forgotten the actual meaning of Marriages. Ask anyone the two general contradicting words about them you will listen that  “ Love marriages is an outcome of modernization and western culture so it’s not good as compared to Arrange marriage which reflect our culture and the family from which he or she belongs to  or Love Marriage gives you a fair chance to know your partner well before getting married unlike Arrange marriage hence a better decision you can take . “ 

Untimely Dreams,The first of its kind ! but common

..and an Unedited Scribbling from a dairy page .... They were introduced by chance & not by choice. He fell for her, everybody knew, including her! She too, developed feelings for him but never spoke because he had nothing in him she wanted in her life-partner. It was silence bond between them; they liked bumping into each other eyes but cannot accept the fact that they love each other. It wasn’t that the boy didn’t take the initial, the moment he did it was soon overtaken by the some reason still unknown to him. He still has feelings for her but now it is there with the thousand knots. They say Love is much more than the ego boundary and they never get over their ego. He is still moving but now he is living a life dissected between his mind and heart.  "Everything is Fair  in Love and War " it no longer seems to be true to him. Have it been the case he should not have been hurt by her step and now he understood why people say so" After someone Hurt you Relation

Right Here Waiting For You !

Have I ever told you I always hear your Footstep in my silence Or whenever I am alone  Day after day I am falling more for you No matter how far you go whatever you do I will be here  Waiting for you that forever too... Have I ever told you I want to see you that for forever  As I can't take my eyes of you No matter how much I try And that's true No matter whatever it takes Or how many times my heart breaks Because even falling for you It feels as if I am flying I will be here Waiting for you That forever too..

A Lamented Photo !

Its been ten year  Since the last time I felt  That pain Pain of rubbing ashes on my chest Ashes of my dear Indians Ashes of the believes " UNITY IN DIVERSITY " Of all those Millions Who's life changed that day Loved one lost ! killed! Left away. Those were the things I heard about Read about but never ,ever  Thought realized about long before that day. It's been so long When I walked far far away from the streets  That was screamed in red Blood And now even after ten year These thoughts agitate me  Such that I almost forget myself here Either I am dead , or my watch has stopped Its been ten year Since the last time I cried And now there is nothing Which I can feel, Nor anthing which I can fear  Even my tears have dried Its been ten year and now I have walked far far away  P S :-  The photo above is clicked during the Godhra riots in 2002 . 

Hanging Moment of Childhood !

  I just want to go back to the time  which was so prime where I was creator in my own whims  When Every night I used to sleep in my mother lap covered with her drape I just want to go back to the time where In the world of Toys I used to find my Ultimate Joys when sitting on the father shoulder seems the greatest height of the world I just want to go back to the time when the greatest story teller was only my grand mother when dream only meant flying airplane  and being bird When Aim was just to reach The sun When desire was Just to have some stars in my pocket I just want to go back to the time  which was so prime where I was creator in my own whims  P.S -  All of us have moments in our childhood where we come alive for the first time. And we go back to those moments and think, This is when I became myself.  

Love Burns Brighter Than Sunshine

Have you ever been awake the whole night for someone watching the sky turn light blue and then seen the Rising Sun ? Which One Burns Brighter ?? I have heard ‘ LOVE BURNS BRIGHTER THAN SUNSHINE ‘ The Soothing Heavy Dose of Atmosphere can drench you in Deep Thought even after the Sleepless Night The Color of the Dawn Or the Twilight Period When You feel you are Alive Again and You Forget The World That you Knew ... But You can't Forgot Someone ... The Glowing Sun can make you Blink .. But As many times as you Blink you will Think of Someone .. and Whisper " Oh darling I wish You Were Here " .. SO Which One Burns Brighter ?? I have heard ‘  LOVE BURNS BRIGHTER THAN SUNSHINE  ‘  P.S :- Images were Clicked By Me :-)