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Just a wanderer with a thought !

I am just A Wanderer with a thought Nothing’s magnificent about it I throw out my prose at people Hoping to find someone who might tag along It gets lonely walking all alone With the burden of words Meant for someone Thrown around to everyone In dire hopes that someone Might just accompany me On this wild, drug infested goose chase Maybe I have more words with me Than I could ever imagine The way I cough them out Like the blood I threw up Over the weekend But then again They are never meant for someone Anyone Are they? With the desk lamp glowing dim With every yank of paper from scribbled notebook Crumpled up and thrown with other rejects Slaying myself over the perfect piece To win you over You might think they’re just words I wrote up I do that a lot, write stuff up But it’s pretty different this time I never sought perfection before And now, I only want the best for you But let’s be honest I’m not magn

Believe in 'me'mento !

Nothing heightens the pleasure senses like ‘Memorable Memories’ and when Anita tagged me for My most memorable memento contest , I was dazed as well as flabbergasted because one i'm not someone who is comfortable in writing personal  memory and moments and second I had to choose one memento from the smallest of things that triggers my transportation to some places so strange and so beautiful that they leave me speechless. Memories are a gorgeous things. The small pieces of our past, are always safe in our memories and tonight I have to open this box of chocolates to find out which of keepsake tastes more honeyed tonight. I looked in my closet and the 14 billion neurons firing at a speed of 450 miles per hour in my brain started searching for the keepsake that matters the most. Interplay of opposite how beautiful, isn’t it?  The events in our lives happens in sequence in time. However, in their significance to ourselves, they find their own order, almost like a continuous thre

Wishfully Wishing you !

Stolen touches of your strawberry colored stained hands, Lingering echo of your passion filled laughter and smiles, I see a wild untamed little girl in the hazel eyes of yours now and then When your tinted red cheeks frame a perfect carefree happiness and hued holi colors. Happy holi to you my sunshine and rain. P.S- Happy Holi to every one :)

The Bookshelf of the Average Indian "Voracious Reader" !

Last night some of my juniors asked me what to say when asked in an interview "Tell me something about yourself". Since it's mostly an ice breaker everyone should be well prepared for this question. While i was listening to their answers; what surprised me most was that the term "Voracious reader" was on almost every other about me. It sounded pleasant that so many people are actually reading these days, but what dazed me the fact that most of them had just read two or three the most obvious books that every Indian youth have read. What Voracity really meant for them was books from  the bookshelf of the Average Indian " Voracious Reader", which at most consist of these 10 books. Who else here is Voracious Reader ? :P P.S - I didn't made it to offend anyone. It is just a personal Thought. And for all the Indiblogger follower of  Topic -  What would your dream library look like?   #DreamLibrary  .here is what my dream library wo

Sketch With composed Song !

When I realized that my Tangled Vibes was close to its 100th post, I didn’t know what I wanted to write about. All I knew is that I wanted it to be special. but, a post is nothing without content. Would I have an image with text? Would it be an epic “OMG” type of post? Would it just be “Happy 100th post!” like Mr. Uncommon Geek jokingly suggested?  Thank you, to those of you following this little venture, and for sharing in the delight. And thank you, my feathered friends, for making each day that much brighter. Looking back we had some good times, didn't we? I will continue to give you better! Better posts, pictures and more…So here is the Happy 100th post ! i tried to make it special . This is the pencil art i finally succeed in making after a numerous failed attempts. My First sketch ever. And this is the song. "Teri khamoshiyan, teri madhoshiyan teri Gustakhiyan, aur teri nadaaniyaan    yaado mai hai bas teri hi parchhayian par ye dooriya bhi to

What happens When You Accidentally drops a Cup in the kitchen !

 Sometimes this what i hear from my mom When I Accidentally drops a Cup in the kitchen !. What's your story ?