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The Rejected Deliverance !

Sometime I feel, Why can’t I speak, of the sky and the worlds that I see Perhaps my words are as little as me. I see oceans so deep, filled with broken people’s love weep; Clouds so dark because of the rain that break their heart; A flying ship, stars that can shoot, Perhaps my life is best spent astute. I see vast blue skies, blue due to million spoken lies; Poor planets cries in form of rains, for the moon when his/her heart pains; but they heals with dry eyes and their rings again spin, Perhaps my patience runs thin. I see flow of God’s art, art that can rip your heart apart; Sparks so tiny, Engulfing a forest into flames huge and shiny; A foes that can fry, friends that can fight, Perhaps my waifs never outlast after night. I see a seeming sad, silent moan, inside holding a mighty teary cyclone; Waves rising so high, just to last for a minute before they die; but tonight I speak, and writes this rejected bleak, because the dark-space is nigh,

Coffee Love !

Lately I have been consuming too much of coffee so that my mind and heart can learn the tightrope of symbiosis. I leave the city when it’s half asleep so that I can sit alone in the coffee shop around the corner; when the lights on the highway shines a little brighter than usual; when I feel my heart get lost in the world that isn’t half as bad as they make it out to be. I take a sip of coffee and feel warm liquid wash down into the pit of my stomach. I try to leave my mind outside these four walls that imprison me here. There is a war that goes on between my two realities; it catches me off guard when I’m tired of dreaming out loud. One cup in and I feel the knots in my mind loosen. I feel there is so much more than the blue skies. There is this parallel world in parallel far away dreams, perhaps a free falling dream, mine, yours, Zero gravity, dreams; dream in which anything true or conscious is blurred, all thin lines are erased, a dream in which you and me or two sub-co