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SOMETIME.. IS 24 x 7 x Till i live..


Sometime I smiled

Thinking of your smiling face

And every day I wait for a glimpse of it

Sometime I worried seeing your woeful face

And every time I put a spell on the reason for it

And pray for  your better

Sometime thinking of you

Made me dreamy

Sometime thinking of you

Make me dreary

Your nearby presence

Give me reason to cherish

In your absence

I feel my world is perish

Sometime I shiver with ecstasy

Remembering …. The warmth

Of your first glance

And sometime I shiver with fear

Of agony of losing you

Sometime it feels

Months, seasons, years are rolling into decades

Waiting for you

While sometime it seems

Hope becoming sentry of timelessness

Hope of one day

The same way you will feel

Is making the hands of time stand still



Of every moment, of my life


  1. You own a great talent of writing.Good Luck and keep going.And yes i have digg your site .


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