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Our Social Identity == Unproductive Society !

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice." ~-Steve Jobs’
A phrase that struck right into my heart after I read it . It wasn't that I read such thought for the first time. From time to time so many so-called high profiled people whom society have accepted have given the same message to us and every message can be briefed in a simple four word
"Do What you Love "
but what got me in a state of thought that ....
'Do everyone really mean these message' ?.. Does it just means Do what you love.. ?...
At this point your answer will be a definitely a big YES !
but 'Do society really mean it'?. Some of you might be thinking where the hell society came into picture when it is about me doing what I love to do .Resolution is not something we  get, It's Something we realize by asking questions with oneself. So let me ask you Some questions first .

What Exactly is The Society ?
=> A simple definition for me is that it refers to the universal set of people and we are the element of that set.

But what if i ask you What kind of people a Society Accept ?
A big Question isn't it .?
(a) A person - Doing what they are supposed to do.
(b) A person Who loves To do - What he/she want to do [ results in creation of one's Identity ].

Probably you too know the which type from above is accepted more easily.Our Society accept The person who are doing what they are supposed to do , who are taken for granted not to be Themselves ...more easily. ...Society that sometime comprises of Family, Sometime Friends, Sometime local people , Sometime all....
But the society doesn't seems to have the room for ...A person Who loves To do - What he/she want to do kind of persons easily available ...just because they can't pretend to be someone else so as to be accepted by the society. ...Society looks at their destination for their definition and then only accept them .... But that destination is defined by their works that was not respected.... until they have proved themselves... Till then people look down at them, laugh at them because till then There Talent seems to be their Foolishness....thinking what is he/she trying to do .. don't step out of line ... because our society is in the love with Dynasty.The nature of society is very dynamic .. Look around we can find so many example ....

we often think why do superheros wear mask ? some say to protect their identity so as their loved one's. It might be that they are wearing it to remain unknown from this society be what they wish to be.... Will they will be accepted by the society as a Superhero without The Mask ??..

"Do What you Love " .. doesn't means just doing what you love to do ..Doing what you love is complicated for me.... it also means respecting others value and talents ...Encouraging Others works too (even if it is too small in your vision)....that you have love without being influenced by anyone..

But what we do ??..
We consider Our Social Identity as our Own Identity. Social Identity that is made by making people around us Happy. I am not saying that making people around us happy is a not a good deed to do,but by the way People do it is something much worse. You sometime criticize other or his works even if you love it just to make Your Defined society feels better or happy because some of the elements of your society do not like him/her. Just to make your social Identity color good, you tried to stain someone Works and Image in Others Vision also sometime it really Suppresses  That person Potential..

So how are you Doing what you Love to do ??...
As told earlier we are the element of the society.You are contributing in the making of this Unproductive Society for your Social Identity which oppress the feelings and talents.But what about yours own Identity ? Have you ever given a thought to that you are dissecting it just to get yourself accepted.
So do everyone Really value Those Quotes .
The Answer for me is a big NO ! because if everyone really Mean those Quotes and Messages then why such an unproductive society is here that is just good mocking at others just get a feeling of superiority ..?? or it is just a human nature ?
Whatever it is... Certainly it needs change.. .. where “People don't need to pretend to be someone else to make their Social Identity “... where Society helps the people and talent around them to grow .. where every people actually know what truly “Do What You Love “ means... ..


  1. dude wen u cross d limits n njoy ur lyf well...!!! u vl surely get a num of ppl criticisng u..but d truth is dat dey also wanna b lyk u n hav fun....n dey can evn die to live ur lyf jst fr a follow r heart..;)

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  3. Society is myth created by humans! we all fall into the big big well called the 'Soceity'

  4. To this I would add another Steve Jobs saying--"Stay Hungry,Stay Foolish" and what I mean to say with this is stay hungry for what you love to do and at the same time appear as foolish to the society,generally society don't care for foolish and we can easily carry on and once we succeed in bringing up our own identity society will automatically come to us..

  5. Pretension definitely does not help.
    Best to be your own self, be positive and you will be accepted.
    Society does accept positive people and does recognise genuine people.

  6. nice post :) loved your point about the super heroes. i guess it is upto us to find our own space and way to achieve what we want.


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