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The Proposal

He never understood why she wanted him to propose her if she was going to say no. was it because she wanted the  mere satisfaction of being wanted and loved by someone or the pleasure of  denying  him something he wanted so desperately? Either case he was hurt…hurt to the core, He watched her leave… slowly fading into the ghostly night. The sound of traffic and hawkers on the street had faded into oblivion.. he couldn’t hear anything or in fact feel anything…he stood there watching her  turn around the corner… she was walking like the satisfied kid who just got someone beaten up…. He didn’t know how long he stood there or what he thought during the whole time. His legs started to wobble and he came out of the world where he had been utterly hurt. Physical pain have the ability to move you into action and that’s what so good about them, they do not trap you into the act of helplessness or give you chance to feel good about it. It hurts and hurts like hell. And if you act wisely it ends.He looked around, the traffic had thinned out, there were fewer people on the road.. The shops were closing down, it seemed that suddenly the world was imitating his state . He forced himself to hail a cab.


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