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Marriage isn't marriage Anymore !

Which one is better Love marriage or Arrange marriage? The most the time the answer that I have heard from people or read is generally biased towards either one of them. Two swords cannot be placed in the same sheath so is the case of Love marriages or Arrange marriages now days. Whether you keep one or two sword in one sheath it still kills peoples, so either it’s a Love marriage or Arrange marriage they make ‘ I ‘ and ‘ YOU ’  an ‘ US ’ then why we see the both with different eyes? And in this process we actually have forgotten the actual meaning of Marriages. Ask anyone the two general contradicting words about them you will listen that
 “ Love marriages is an outcome of modernization and western culture so it’s not good as compared to Arrange marriage which reflect our culture and the family from which he or she belongs to  or Love Marriage gives you a fair chance to know your partner well before getting married unlike Arrange marriage hence a better decision you can take. “      
But have we ever realized that whether it’s a Love marriage or Arrange marriage mere
“A Relationship doesn’t make a couple if the warmth is not there “.
And today we are just making relationship!
I might be sounding little odd but take a look around you, wise and concerned parents in order to meet the domestic obligation of a proper marriage, prepare themselves mentally and ,more importantly, financially when their child reaches marriageable age. They search for a suitable partner keeping in mind society rules regarding cast, creed, financial and social status of the family because if they do love one than what will be the society think (common dialogue “Samaj kya khega! “) and how does these days arrange marriages are performed, they will chose the girl or boy for their child  and simply will ask his/her son or daughter to meet and then the series continue and in the end they marry ( actually I don’t know what to call it ) with the person befitting their eyes . Parents think after the marriage they will eventually love each other and it happens in some cases while in other cases they remain together for the sake of their family and social identity or a divorce. 
Now when the matter comes to love marriage most of time it need a lot of convincing and fighting to be done before they are realised …  sprouting a seeds of insecurity in their mind (especially in girls mind as there is no family backup) and with passes of time this feelings If it didn’t succeeds what will other think or the dialogue of the parents on their fight ‘ we told you he/she is not a right match for you and now you see’  sometimes gives so much lemons in their Relationship that eventually it end up at wrong path or even they are together the warmth seems to be lost.

It is said that the marriages are made in heaven but now The “Marriage isn’t marriage anymore “ It has become a business, for parents business of their status on the name of caste, religion etc. For society an opportunity of doing business of humiliating other and for the people involved with it, it has become business of pleasing their well wishers. The main concept of marriage remains buried and we just keep on discussing on the difference that is creeping in due to Love and Arrange marriage.

P.S :- Another example how our-social-identity=unproductive society !