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The Transit

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When I woke up, I had no idea that the world around me had changed. The ceiling of my house was yellow! That’s the color I hate. A blaring noise almost made me jump out of my bed, I looked outside and I was terrified to see that I was at least 100 meters above the ground. I have always been afraid of height, the blurry view of the ground through the translucent glass made me giddy. I tried to look away but I couldn’t, something shiny caught my attention .I didn’t know what it was, I kept looking at it.
“That is the hypnostone” 
The voice had me out of my transcendental state. I turned around to face the ugliest creature I had ever seen. I almost shivered looking at the upturned horns and mask, moreover it smelled of sulphur.  My mind went on a rollercoaster of questions. My head started throbbing; a sharp pain shot through my head .I could see nothing, nothing at all. The last thing that I saw was a sly grin on the creature’s face and him lunging forward.
I don’t know how long I had been unconscious, when I woke up I heard voices around me, nothing that I could comprehend, the tones were hushed and confused. I slightly opened my eyes and saw lot of those ugly creatures hunched over a rectangular slab. I was in different place now, the ceilings were still yellow but room was large and dome shaped. There were no light sources but the room was glowing. The simplicity of the place gave it cold and majestic feeling. It was afraid now, alienated in the world I didn’t know. These creatures were not even human. What did happen? Was I abducted? I had heard of theories of alien abduction but never believed those until now. What were they going to do to me?
I lay there on the slab, afraid to move or even twitch a muscle. I was afraid to even breathe. The air was all sulphury and choked me I couldn’t breathe properly. I sat up and those purple creatures suddenly turned towards me.  I heard an angry tone and some rushing, probably I blacked out after that. everything was blurry. I was back in my home with my wife. I heard someone calling my name. that was my old sweetheart Ashley. What was she doing here? I started to regret the decision to let her go. I was happy again. My wife disappeared in thin air. I had the world I wanted. Suddenly I felt a pain and it got intense, Ashley became blurry and she disappeared too .I opened my eyes to see those purple eyed creatures looking at me.
There were at least six of them huddled around me. I felt I had something attached to my nose it was light and long tube.
“Sorry, we forgot to put the mask before. We almost lost you”
I looked at the purple creature who spoke so kindly .He was wearing some kind of rings around his horns which made him look even scarier, but his voice was soft and had kind eyes. I felt safe for the first time since morning. There were so many questions I wanted to ask. There were so many running through my head.
“Why did y-you bring me here?” I asked my voice had suddenly become hoarse. It was difficult to speak it felt that I had suddenly lost all my energy in one go.
The creature with ring smiled at this question he looked around the group. The one whom I had encountered in the morning came forward.
“We didn’t bring you here. You space travelled and popped up at the magnetic center here. “
I was stunned at this response. I had space travelled?  What did that mean?
“We are still trying to figure out how it happened. “  He continued
 “Until then we suggest you to rest and let us know if you need anything.”
I was surprised that they could speak my language. How was it possible? I was too tired to speak. Moreover I didn’t know what these creatures were up to? I couldn’t trust them. Not yet.
I wanted to ask many question but I was feeling weak and tired. I do not know when I felt asleep again. I woke up to find myself in a room which was hexagonal in shape.  The ceiling was still yellow. I didn’t understand why the ceiling was always yellow.  There were no lights in the room but still it was well lit. I looked outside the translucent glass chamber that was occupying. There was no sign of anyone around. There was a small portal on the far side of the chamber but it was so small that I couldn’t imagine anyone passing through it.
 There was no one around; I was alone in this room. I woke up to find the tubes still attached to my nose only they were shorter now.  It didn’t take any genius to decide that I should leave it as it was.  I sat there, thinking about the bizarre thing that had been happening to me since morning. I looked at my watch. It showed 12:32. April 9th. It reminded me of the days I used to wait to wish Ashley. It was her birthday today. The tradition had continued even after we broke up until I got married. I wanted to wish her again. But it was not possible now. I was in different world. Her memories had flooded my mind out of no where.  Suddenly I felt my head was spinning. My vision got blurry.  I was In Italy. I could see the distinct outline of the Eiffel tower from where I was standing. I was in some kind of room- a hotel room. It was early morning. There was some in the balcony.  It called out my name. I was shocked to hear it was Ashley’s voice.  I almost fainted, what did just happen? Did I space travel again? I remembered this was the trip we had planned before we broke up. How did I end up being here?
I felt my world spinning again, someone was calling me. I felt like I was falling through a dark tunnel. I closed my eyes out of reflexes. I felt that I had stopped falling. I felt someone touching me. I opened my eyes again to find myself staring into the eyes of the same purple eyed creature from the morning.
“We thought we lost you again” he said still checking my nerves for heart beat.
As if he didn’t expect me to answer he continued.
“You are shifting into different conscious states at random. Depending on what you want.”
I didn’t understand what he was trying to say. I had enough of this out of world experiences. I was fed up of this transitions I was making. I didn’t know what was real what was dream. I wanted to know what was happening to me. I showered him with questions.
He told me that I was basically traveling between different parallel universes of possibilities. It depended upon what I wanted at the moment I my conscience was shifting into that universe to make it real. It was not possible for me to go back to my world until I was clear what I wanted. Otherwise I would be trapped in world of illusions which will be end of me as there could not exist two of me in same plane of possibility. I was flabbergasted at this thought.  He further offered that he would help me to get out of this world by sealing the magnetic hole after I make the transit. I had only one chance.
He told me to rest and prepares my mind for the transit. I was confused and alarmed at the thought. I had only one chance to be back in the world which was not I wanted but I existed in. I had to make me believe that that was all I wanted. I wanted out of this world desperately .it didn’t matter which possibility plane but away from these yellow ceilings and purple eyes were not there.
I told him to close the magnetic hole next time I was shifting in space. He agreed hesitatingly. I started to think about my wife and how much I loved her. Our marriage, the first anniversary, the trip to Switzerland. My world started spinning again. I was falling into a tunnel full of light. I was so afraid that I closed my eyes. I opened my eyes to find myself in Switzerland. I saw my wife. This was our honeymoon trip. She was a little ahead. So I called her. When she turned around I found out that it was Ashley!


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