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Idealism or Realism ?

Idealism is something that never crossed my mind,you see All of us want to be the ideal one. But what i see is Idealism is full of deceit and doubt. You might be feeling that i talk too much of riddles but
Have you ever doubted when someone confessed hatred ? .. But surely you doubt when they Confess about Love.Have Love being the pure then why such an doubt, you can think that we never doubt about love of our parents ,but are you sure ? . When you ask what is the best feeling of the world? some say "when someone confess about love",or "when you see yours parents happy because of you" and may be it vary from person to person. But When you draw a circle for something you don't know what have you missed outside of the circle can be something you can't ever imagine. Trapping oneself in a circle is what i hate. But with the doubt how can Love be the best feeling.
(Just for example All of us talk about "Mahabharat" and "Ramayan" but One of the basic reason that we always Ignore is that It was started because " Sri Ram " and " Bhism Pitahmah" wanted their parent to be happy. You see elder say we don't read our holy scriptures and i bet even though have read they have not understood it . You might often have heard the case of inter-caste marriage or Love marriage and we say these days it has become common Is it so ? .. for instance  Lord Shri Krishna sister Subdhara (who was Yuduwansi ) was married with Arjun (who was chatriya) ,bhim and hidimba and  more such instances are there like swamber was used to be held where girls were allowed to choose their own partner used to be there , but the odd is that we ignore the fact .NOTE :- No Offense to anyone and it's a debatable topic and i just quoted it  ).

I was taught from childhood  don't talk with the strangers but later i found  Strangeness is less perilous to love than the constant trails of incessant proximity. Proximity makes you vulnerable and that what i hate. When I say I don't believe in concept of proximity it didn't mean i 'm not close to people,Actually I'm close to few selected people (thou i don't know the selection procedure).They are part of my life, i surprise them, irritate them and care for them unaware of the fact that whether i'm part of their life or not, because in this materialistic world every other is playing power game with each other ,they manipulate and just play to win and in this process we tend to losses people who understand you better,you don't have to show your vulnerable side from them to see what has been troubling you.but we are so consumed and trapped that we forget the little that life has to offer.

When asked why superhero always wear mask? . The answer we know is to protect the people they care about . But why do we wear mask ? No answer ..  why? because every one want to conceal their dark side within the mask and the mask become our face, that build our reputation and that fact is that we all want to build our reputation,we forget to build our character that reflects what we actually are not who ? .Hope both to be good but it wouldn't be same.

Even the Idealism have become Hybrid now a days. Because what is beneficial for us becomes Ideal depending upon the situation.Never had  realism been ours Idealism. Be it concept of any Relations. We always try to shrink every relation within a circle. In the name Love we tend to limit our partner within a small radius of circle which goes on decreasing day by day and finally becomes a Black hole of no use (especially happens with girl) and this has become our idealism and we have named it as Care and protectiveness.

The fact is that we neither we follow idealism or realism. Everyone has their own version and i mean it.There is a difference between winning and Succeeding . What you want to choose?it's on you ...
Don't let someone else define you it can be scary, you will losses some of the people in the way. Once I had a long discussion with my friend over "why people changes with time" and in the end the she told me its not them rather their priority changes with time. I don't know whether it's a Ideal Concept or Real Concept.. I got myself a new one called believing .....


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