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A Journey.. Traveled.. Untraveled !

While walking with someone special “Life just becomes a Magic elf and you become the magic you never knew”.
Today’s Journey had its own story.

December – Midnight … Seated beside the windows of the moving train looking out, everything else faded into oblivion, just the blurred blotches of light flickering in the distance was the thing I can spot in those clouds of fog and mists.
I remember the times when as a kid, I was spending hours staring out a window, wondering what I would do when I will be Older and yet, now I am here, but still find myself staring out of the same window of the moving train. I still find myself wondering, at the time when I was kid those wondering and dreams were just a treasure not to be questioned, at that time all I wanted was to travel alone perhaps we all want this, and now I am alone just with a melancholy of silence outside fusing with the rattling of wheels of the train passing through tracks of places unknown, unfamiliar, unheard of.

With nothing to do once again I start looking out of the same window. I see a train passing by on the parallel track in full speed. To be playful I was trying to make something on the windows glass as it was misted over .I once heard that few things in life leave a deeper mark on your mind but the love that always finds its way into your heart and those dancing finger of mine sketched you out somehow there.

In those mystique air suddenly those beautiful silhouette of yours started to get livened up and animated. A flicker thought of this Strange love took me with its own stream to the unexplored lane of Imagination. It’s strange how one still dream a hopeless fantasy ignoring the reality and I was transported to the land of grey areas where I see you smiling, not with lips, but with eyes, rather corner of eyes, stealing priceless glances, me beholding the mellow red sun-the color of your cheeks and me drowning into the ocean azure-the color of your eyes and every time you blink I see a blanket of dark clouds-the color of your eyelashes, and then the train decelerate and comes to halt waking up me from the maze of your heartbeat or perhaps it was law of inertia that resisted the strong gravity of your heart from further taking me away. The smell of coffee beans was wafting through the air perhaps it was some station. I ordered a cup of coffee. The train started moving again and with every sip of coffee I thought the tiny atoms particle of me could have being assembled anywhere in this world why it was assembled near you. I wonder do you ever think like this, why you had meet me to make me able to think like this. Why can’t two peoples fall for each other at the same time? Your first images, the echo of words that you spoke and all those little things of you, is sculpting a palace in my memory and like few limericks of childhood those few enchanted pages of yours memory has started to dwell within the depths of my soul, with a promise that “even in your winter I’ll find summer and spring in your autumn and always ,hands at the end of your fingers, and when we run out of forever , when we run out of air ,your name will be the last word that my lungs make air for,your name will be the only name that my blood will pump to every tissue-fiber of my body” .

I hope someday I can ask you and you Answer me?  While I leave my heart in sand of time for you will you ever try to find it and return back to me -imparting life in me, completing me again because every day “I’m dying to live with you, living to die with you”! 



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