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Cheers to Life!

Cheers to life even when things go wrong
as they sometime will
when the road you are trudging
seems all uphill
when the sorrow is high
Just Smile even you have to sigh

Because life is full of up and down
it’s a queer with its twists and turn
Where every one of us want the crown
and at every step something we learn
And if you feel down a bit
Just rest please don’t quit

Don’t give up, cheers to life
Because failure will always turn about
Life is what you make it
And to win, you have to stuck it out
There will be moment when places will seem low
Just move on remember you might succeed with another blow


  1. cheers to life, buddy! well written!

  2. very well written.. cheerz :)

  3. Thats an amazing motivator Ankur, reading a non-love poem from you, its real good. The last two lines of each stanza is very powerful. CHEERS TO LIFE!

    1. Thanks Kislaya .. yeah .. just for a change .. Cheers :)

  4. Cheers to life and cheers to your writing. Well done!

  5. Cheers to Life and to you too Ankur.. cheer
    Indeed Life is always meant to live without any regrets and enjoying every moment.. :)
    And "In one word I sum up life--Life Goes On"

  6. Very inspiring words!
    Like it is said: Never say no to life!

  7. So motivating! Loved it to the core Ankur :) You really are good at poetry bud! :)

  8. wow...good one...i loved the line "just rest please dont quit" :)


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