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Beautiful Lovers ( Images depicting Love ) !

I look into your eyes.
Why are you sad my love?
Did love disappoint you?

beautiful loverbeautiful lover

beautiful lover

beautiful lover

Then you ought to know,
It’s nothing new.
The love that usually lasts forever,
Is neither perfect like plastic.
Nor glitters like gold.
But is like pure carbon,
Crude and formless,
Does not crumble but glows
Under conflicts.
And it’s yours to shape.

This Images are not from any movie or photo shoot . It's a random photo click and both of them is unaware, though i guess in last she had a little sense of being captured and "I blushed" seeing her smiling like that. But it was delight to see two lovers, How she smiled because she was late and He was little angry because he was waiting quite a while for her and finally alas she succeed.There was no space for anything except Love.May God bless the couple and their Love . :) :) ..

P:S- Sincere request *Please do not spam these pictures* .. 


  1. nice one.. and equally sweet pictures :)

  2. Nice lines on them. :)
    You got good captures.

  3. Good images and matching words.

  4. True love comes through conflicts and glows. Nice compilation.

  5. u took these snaps? wow! priceless capture!

  6. Really sweet :D
    The words are like icing on the cake. The world needs more posts on love and less on hatred.

  7. Second verse is lovely! And nice captures :)

  8. Wow Wow Nice Lines..I can totally relate this to my relationship... x-)

  9. Ankur Anand ( relative of Dev Anand :) ) you are such a graceful heart packed with love .. you took these snaps and blushed when were noticed .. and the blessed couple may not know .. you made a wonderful story of the entire scene .. and so nicely you have justified love ...Well interpreted :) Let me know the city where you live .. i will avoid touring there with my girl friend :D .. who knows with your excellent writing our snaps also may go viral :D

    1. relative of dev sahab .. don't make me feel down in my own eye .. thanks for those compliment .. don't worry if it happen means got ur pic with ur GF i will gift it with my poem instead of posting here :)

  10. Hahah! :D chori chori wale pics! :D
    BTW: Lovely post! :)

  11. Wonderfully written, dear! Oh! You were abroad then when you clicked the pics. PDA is common there :)

  12. Sweet did manage some really good clicks :d and equally beautiful lines to compliment the pictures :)


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