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My First Job !


Today I’ve been blessed with one more responsibility. After the frustrating week and waiting sleeplessly from the last 3 days got my “First JOB”. Yes Today I got selected in TCS (Designation - Assistant System Engineer (ASE)). This is the first time I’m posting an event of my life on my blog because first time I feel without sharing this news with some of my blogger’s friends I will be in some kind of debt because unknowingly I Realized My Blogging has helped me a lot and more importantly has improved me both as a person and my ability to write.

First phase-
Aptitude test and writing ability test and in writing ability test where they will give you 8-12 keywords and you have to write an email or memo (situation will be given) using those keywords without missing any in the same sequence within 10 min not less than 50 words and that too you have to type on computer so typing speed matters too. (for those who are aspiring one advice practice aptitude as well as writing ability test (along with verbal) as much as possible because these days believe me these questions are matching upto CAT level and cutoff are also quite high ((20-24/30)).
Second Phase-
After clearing first phase everyone has to go through two, three or even someone has to go for four round of Personal Interview (PI). PI was consisting of Technical PI as well as HR PI.

Now HR who takes HR PI in the name of stress interview they grill and roast as if I’m one of the chicken who has been handed to him to make Tandori. (My sincere apologies to PETA for this comparison)

The fun part was when they saw hobbies on my CV. Playing Guitar, Blogging and public speaking.
They just enquired about certain cords on guitar and asked about blogging and checked on their laptop as if I was bluffing, though I’m happy they checked it because I got a feedback that was overwhelming at that time both for my writing ability and design of it. First time Header of my blog was appreciated and it felt so good because I have spent entire two days on designing it.
Regarding Public speaking they asked what you like most, My immediate answer was Debating. He Gave me situation and asked to debate. He was Dr Manmohan Singh and I was Journalist Arnab Goswami, who just went to interview Dr Singh.
Me- Why the Onion cost is so high Country needs an answer.
HR- he feels his silence is best answer.

Me- Then why the whole country is laughing on your best answer form last 3 year regularly.? Country stills needs your answer Mr singh.

He and Both the ladies HR who were there in panel to interview me, Laughed and my interview was over!

Finally Result was Declared at 3:30 AM today, after a much tiring Wait of more than 72 hours in Auditorium seeing other going for their interview
But at last one thing brought a smile
ANKUR ANAND- Selected !

“I have a list of dreams and after striking an old one, I’m pursuing a new one
                                                       My wish Bucket :-   
11.      Get my name published with photographs in newspaper (2007 and 2008)
22  .    To excel at Internationals/National/state/District Levels.
Never will strike this off as it gives me so much motivation
(a)District winner of Air India Rank Award-2008
(b)82nd/4th rank National/state in Olympiad 2009
33.     Meet and Get Award from at least from one famous Author and Top Government person
2008) Got award from Jharkhand Governor Syed Sibtey Razi
(2012) Got Award from Author Mr Ruskin Bond
44.      Get a Job in Well reputed and international Company(2013)
55.   To own a website with custom domain(2013)
66.   To be world famous app and web developer and programmer
77.     To Travel at least 20 countries.
88.  To open my own company.

 P.S - Nothing comes priceless, because seeing a crying face of good friends whom you know so well is not the things you want. Happiness of achieving your goal is all about sharing it with them and deep inside i knew human nature will never let it be possible. 


  1. a big congratulations Ankur!! ur clarity of mind and clear cut goals are really admirable!! to be frank I never gave my life such a serious thought!! Kudos!!

    1. Thank you so much :) ! actually even i don't take life so seriously .. :)

  2. Woow Ankur .. many congrats ! cheer ... well this is the first time you have shared your life event on your blog and it was a grand affair ! :)

  3. Great going Ankur.
    Feeling very happy for you!

    Wish you more success in life! :)

  4. Hey Ankur, Congratulations! Very happy for you. Aim high to get high. Keep up with the good work. Hope you get to cross off everything off your checklist. :)

  5. Congrats with a lot of warm wishes. Be happy and make others happy

  6. Congrats Ankur..Oh I am so happy for you...Good Luck for the future and yes strike out every wishes you have in your list..May God Bless you My Dear Friend... cheer

  7. Congratulations, Ankur!! May all your dreams come true...God bless!

  8. Big Congratulations Ankur.. God bless you :)

  9. Congratulations ankur :) all the very best with your endeavors


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