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Coexisting- Lets fall in Love !

Boy and Girl Together

There is something about Night that makes you fall in love for no obvious reasons. Being a nyctophiliac soul last night was not an exception. Perhaps as the city sleeps my mind moves to those thoughts which are unreachable during the day. I gaze into space, the light wave’s race and shift shape, colors escape, as if even moon rays interpermeate my physical state. It so simple at night when emotions are torn away from its outer shell of common sense and it’s became easy to lose yourself at night. It’s just a feeling so strange somewhat sagacious but yet deranged. It’s unclear, vivid and blurred, all about the dream I have seen. It’s all about the bliss I’m in. It’s all about the things that are so loud inside my head, and the things I have not said. I close my eyes in desperation but nothing vanishes from my sight.

I let myself think why it can’t be easy. Why two people can’t fall for each other at the same time. Every ink that I spilled on parchment from my fragmented scribe while writing in my dingy room, about you starts animating the real you somehow at night. Perhaps with slower breathing people realize what they want in their life and at night perhaps my quill can draw words from my heart like the last few buckets from an old well. Tonight all I’m recollecting is thoughts which has smitten me quite from some time. Tonight staring off into eternity I will relive the day with you, tonight I would like time to let pass me by and spend a little time with you. We could catch a bad movie, maybe the silly sitcom you have talked about, the dark will give me an excuse to cuddle next to you or we could have a cup of tea or would you rather prefer coffee? Maybe we can go to unknown coffee bistro sitting at line sight, Hands cupped under the table as I scoop up your favorite cake and smother a spoonful all over your cute little face. Or maybe we’ll wander in an old park, live the real smiles, share a cotton candy, or maybe, you can sit I’ll play the guitar- your presence a tune, a rhythm, a lullaby. Maybe we can sit in a library, mischievously sneaking into each other’s book to see who’ll finish it first. Or maybe we can share an umbrella on rainy day, while I write about you in that dense petrichor, or maybe we share an earphone while listening a track or maybe we can have a pillow fights.
Or maybe tonight we can fall in Love in least cliché way- no chocolate, no soppy I love you, and no flower

Just you me – our love, without pride; without distrust, just purity and honesty. Existing in each other heart.

Tonight let’s fall in love. It will be cute.
I promise

P-S : Happy Birthday TANGLED VIBES . Now you are two year old. Thanks to all of you :) 

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  1. just one word.....WOWWW....!!!
    n happy birthday 'TANGLED VIBES'...:)

  2. Ankur--At night only the Romantic Hormones of a Human is at Peak,So Even while thinking about her You see her--Kind of Hallucination you know ;)
    And Yes Falling in Love is always Cute.. :D

    Aur Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to Tangled Vibes.. cheer

  3. Congrats on your blogversary! :)

    And yes two individuals falling in love at the same time is cute, hope it happens soon. :)

  4. wow!! so romantic.. Happy Birthday Tangled Vibes.. You are so lucky to get such a beautiful birthday gift.. :)

    1. ah ! first one to notice and comment actually why ..yeah happy birthday to it .. :)) ..thank you :)

  5. How sweet and Romantic ..the way you show love in writing any girl can Love you for that in real life.. Go and tell her your feelings .. :) Happy Birthday Tangled Vibes :)

  6. Been a nyctophiliac soul myself I can relate to you. And it seems those are the hours of the day when the energy cells rejuvenate like anything. Nice lines with a pinch f poet-ism.

    And Happy Birthday Tangled Vibes. You are doing an awesome job till date. Keep shining brightly. :)

    1. I don't know why but while writing poet-ism happens somehow .. habit hard to go i guess ! Thank you :)

  7. one word. lovely, Ankur :)
    happy blog aniversary :D
    I have nominated you for Liebster Award. check:

  8. Love sounds so pure and new in your words. Keep writing.

    Happy Anniversary to your blog.


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