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दरमियाँ (In Between)! (with english translation)

मयस्सर नही है तेरी चाहत क़ी अक़ीदत
पर इस दिल ने की है हर वक़्त
बस क़ी है तेरी ही इबादत
नक्श ही रह जाएँगा तेरा
मेरे दिल के इन सुर्ख लबों पर
पर तेरी ये तसलीम झिलमिल मुस्कुराहट
ज़हेन मैं ज़हेर सियाह, भाया है इस काफिरों के
इतना सियाह की तुझी मैं घुलता जा रहा हू ज़र्रों मैं
कभी अमावस को तेरी आखो का काजल बना
तो कभी तेरे पलाको पे सितारों को साज़ा
जीने लगा हू बस अब तेरे सासो के दरमियाँ .

English Translation (Some what):- 

It’s not possible to get, faith of your Love
But every-time my heart has worshiped just thou
only vague Images of you will be left
on this red lips of my heart
but those peaceful glinting smile of yours
is flowing like a poison, pleasingly inside my infidel soul
in such an amount that, my molecules are going to dissolve in you
Sometime making the dark of “New moon” your kohl
even sometime embellishing stars on your feathery eyelid
‘M now just living in between your breath 

P.S - Learning Urdu is so much fun and great !


  1. wish I know this language to understand your beautiful lines..!

    1. will be posting the english translation soon :)

    2. living in between your breath... wow. what a line.. I'm sure the original is much much more beautiful... :)

  2. Beautiful lines Ankur..:-) Great to know that you are learning Urdu :-)

  3. Thank you so much and merry christmas to you too :)


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