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A face to call home !

A face to call home image

Your curly hair falls straight across your face
accentuating jovial hazel eyes.
The corner of your lips upturned
masking the blow of wisps of dandelion
in the breeze with your smile.
You are breathtaking, stealing my every inhale.
Finger yet to be interlaced,
still to feel your warmth and love;
yet you feels like home. 

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  1. so romantic.. we can see how much you are obsessed with those hazel eyes. :)

    1. just a try :)) nope i'm just obsessed with my writing that's it :d

  2. Replies
    1. that was never intended .. thanks for reading it :)

  3. That's beautiful and super romantic. :)

  4. Replies
    1. good to see you after such a long time .. Thank you :)

  5. Ah! I wish someone would write something as romantic for me! I hope you find those hazel eyes someday soon:)


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