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Valentine Day Postcard !


For long I have been writing without knowing what I’m writing, or what I have wrote; do you? These words, these phrases that I’ve penned out for you in these two years while falling in love with the dreams found between your eyes aren’t enough to mean anything to you. Even it does what real difference does it make? Except the fact that yours thought drudge the best thing out of me, the words; stringing together letters with the beat of your steady heart.

Every night there is one thought that I always return to; to write something that mean something more than the naught. Sometime I let your voice surround me with the maps of future road, while sometime I simply fall into a daze, breathing in your words feeling the love that keep rushing back to me; deep within my bones exhaling out the every ounce of uncertainty that I’ve carried with me and filling me up to the brim with a thought that you are a soul worth loving; I see a celebration of victory deep within me “ Oh, Dear Time You have lost the battle of disconnecting  two beating heart tonight “ .Tonight I can see the difference in the stars; I see them shining every bit brighter, reminding my every atoms and molecules that I’m alive.

Its 4 am and as I grab this quite morning moment on this valentine day, I feel you taking a walk at this dawning hour of the morning. Me waking you with the sweet nothingness of bitter coffee, holding your hand leading you to the terrace and let the frosty morning sun play on your face teasing me with a promise of most beautiful day of my life and your Sincere whispering smile that melt through the pale of my skin to become part of me. I see the long forgotten version of you in your wide eye and hopeful look of surprise and your soft voice wrapping me like a pashmina shawl quietly ruffling my hair and asking why all this. Oh I should have spoken my heart out as the sun placed a golden hue on your cute and pretty face, but my heavy eyelids are winning the fight now with my heavy heart. Ten more minute I told myself; before I could finish this once again a naught piece of writing; ten more minute to hold before I go to sleep to avoid talking to you because somewhere if only you would have missed listening to me someday. For this abstract moment of this dawn “Happy Valentine Day”; for this delicate moments are the only memories I will grow old with.


  1. कल 14/02/2014 को आपकी पोस्ट का लिंक होगा पर

    [प्यार का गुल खिलाने खतो के सिलसिले चलने लगे..हलचल का Valentine विशेषांक ]

    धन्यवाद !

  2. The way you have described her voice in the post is beautiful. I love both the pashmina phrase and 'charting our future' one.

  3. indeed a beautiful memory to grow old with... love the way you play with words.. enjoy your valentine's day, Ankur :)

    1. memories are always beautiful :) ,, Thank you ,, i enjoyed my valentine's day while writing this one :d .. hoping you enjoying your's :)

  4. Description-Top Notch! Beautifully written...:)

  5. Hope your postcard reached/reaches whom it is meant for, Ankur! Very touching post :)

  6. very touching .. top notch .. u seems to be a person who have so much love inside his heart :)

  7. It seems you have posting less nowadays. Keep writing...your stories are really good like the one above :)


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