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Hidden Fragility !


Today I’m handing you an unedited version of myself. Do you know what hurts? Heartbreak no. Looking at you hurts, because I badly want to hold your hand and stare at you; and know what it feels like not to be the window pane anymore, but I can’t. These Hours of a wait to dawn upon the moments hurts where I type in an “I MISS YOU” but then I delete letter upon letter with fragments of myself and my emotions and replaces it with “GOOD NIGHT” denying the fact that I’m forever enslaved to the path you once crossed.


  1. call it coincidence, but my post for today was on letting go...and here, i find this protagonist struggling so hard to let go.... beautifully worded as always...

    1. isn't letting go is the easiest choice ? but sometime something is worth fighting for .. though sometime you have you especially after reading your post .. Thank you :)

  2. beautifully worded as always :) .. but seriously you do that ?

  3. Quite a struggle, wanting to say I miss you, but having to swallow your words. Nicely done!

  4. " I’m forever enslaved to the path you once crossed."

    perfect choice of words..great ..

  5. It crossed my heart. Such a crude expression of emotion. Loved it.

  6. That's the way we hide what we wanna say... I feel it's best to say & regret...
    Wonderful as usual, Ankur :)

  7. wow.....loved the way you have written your pain in lines..painful but awesum :-)

  8. So much in the few lines.
    Very well written.

  9. short and poignant with meaning :)


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