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As it was Nothing Remain

Do you remember the day
You left me standing
Against the world
And lost in your way .
Its been so long
That I almost forget
Then why you not .
Even now every time I remember
My cheeks got all wets
Though for you it’s not the same
Decision you made that cold night
Not for me but for you was right.
And I was left with some fright
Fright of being alone again
As it was nothing remain
Same after the jiffy you left
That what I felt.

Word heard earlier was same
But now its meaning has changed.
My entire Dream has stunted
Together with that my feelings also blunted.
There was time
Which for me was felicitous
But now time
Has changed and icon replaced
And our fervent love also changed
As it was nothing remain
After the jiffy you left

Something which never bothered us
Seem to devour our hearts today
The tenderness which clung of love
Is left far, far away
And when I turn my head
Look back to watch again
The iron foundation of our relations
I found nothing but those two
Tender strands of faith
Clinging to the debris of love.
As it was nothing remain
And I was alone again.