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Vagabond Thought

this is the 1st blog i tried ..

Friends, Emotions, Trust, and Love

These 4 words we know from a long time and will know them till the life exists …

Because what is more important in life than a Beautiful relationship with the people around us (even the nature) and these 4 words are the basic ingredient of a beautiful Relationship and none of you can deny it.

but the things that will change with the time about these 4 words are ..

our views, need, amount, forms, and the nature

isn’t it ???
I guess here you will agree with me just compare an infant, a child, teenagers, grownup person

and old person in this respect.

We can learn these 4 words in school like Algebra, History etc, but certainly we don’t learn its true meaning in school

Who teaches us about them???

Generally the answer that comes in our mind is that LIFE teaches us about the meaning of these 4 words.

Yes life teaches it but

Isn’t it some kind of wonder?

That we learn the real value of these 4 words but after going through the painful process mostly.

Or life is made of these words.

Lots of answer and views but still we are answerless