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Every day I fail to close my heart
For some fervent feelings
That I don’t want to feel
So every day I am hurt
Every day I fall in love with a fairy tale
That together we are sailing away
Doesn’t matter even if it’s against the gale
Onto the crest of a new day
Together we are singing aloud our lay
Doesn't matter what comes in our way
So every day I am hurt

Every day i fight back with my desire and wish
Wish to see you
Desire to be with you
So every day i am hurt
Every day I had this dream
That together we are painting our love
With utmost care
Breaking the silence that we share
Together we are walking thousand miles
Forgetting about the start and end line
Everything seems quite fine
Just like people feel after having a bottle of wine
My heart is filled with happiness divine
So every day I’m hurt
After I wake up
As for me world is again blurt