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Magician Called LOVE !

A magician moved his magical wand and it touched a boy soul.

The movement ceased. She looked at boy, he stared at her. They didn’t spoke a word; and the silence embraced every moment,

word failed to create any magic, so silence filled the surrounding

Magician moved his magical wand and the color filled Boy life.

but that color wasn’t meant to be valued or it was fake, but color didn’t started to fade instead it started showing different emotion shade; but the canvas remained incomplete

she looked at boy,he stared at her. they didn’t spoke a word,

and between them ,silence that followed

Magician moved his magical wand and they became sort of  friend

but soon it was mistaken and misinterpreted

and the wand fell on the floor made by wrong deception.. so decided  better they stay as strangers to be happy together

as magician every spell dazzled boy , so he stood there disturbed ,dazzled closing his eye

, hoping everything will disappear.

but magician know his tricks well. his wand spells, magic letting all forget the old .. Letting all not care for the moment next and boy fall for magician magic spells again that they two stranger holding hand will move in magician magical colorful world.

She looked at boy , he stared her ,

And the story continues with the silence following& filling the surrounding

feelings warming the surrounding , memories and images of the girl filling the boy imagination,

and magician getting a wound for its every spells everyday .