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SITTING beside HER !

sitting beside her

How does it feels to sit beside someone for the first time, someone whom you love and  knowing that this may not gonna to happen again,and Living in a hope to have a mutual feelings ??..
One day he sits beside her
The one who is his first love and crush
But unlike him his heart didn't hush
So he tried to smoke his feeling
Tried to sit quietly
Sometime looking over his right
Trying to get his Angel Sight
But soon Smoke of his feelings
Started to burn him from inside
And He started to lose his strength to fight
With his own desire,
Desire to sit beside her
Not just for Today or for Sometime
But up-to the end of his life time
Desire To look into her reflecting eyes
where he always gets lost
Eyes that always seems inviting
But soon his fight with
His own desire
Started making him fragile
Giving pain that has no name
So he silently walked away
nor because he feared
Or he didn't have any
Word to say that day
Because it can be
Illusion of his own thought
Because it can be
Just one sided feeling
Because it can be anything
Anything that he hadn't Thought
Neither can he sought
and now

Time is moving on
So is he and she 
but even after seeing her so many time
now he is still mazed 
"with the depth of her strange and her heart"
But he is still waiting for her
Every day Hoping
that Someday
they both will

Understand each other
Sit together
In their world
where Forever is what
They are comprised of  

P.S:- Tried to write a story in form of a poem :) :....


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