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Thought Unspoken

Seeking for you

Without any clue

Like ones chase their dream

Which hasn’t come true?

Yes you are my dream untold

Don’t know what future hold

Hoping somewhere in future

‘We’ stand

holding each other hand

Where “we” word means more

Than “I” and “You”

Somewhere where walking on path of air

I can see your face everywhere

Somewhere where togetherness

Fills our world

With the Joy and love

That’s flow from our heart seeing above

Lilting the lamp of life in each other heart

With a glow that we follow

That speak a language that we know

Yeah that’s a thought unspoken

Or my imagination

I can’t figure that out

But it’s a feeling deep inside

Which always poke me like a tide

Yes you are my dream untold

Which I want to hold back

In my life

as you are in my thought

In my heart and eye

Yes you are completing the

Greatest story which is incomplete

Story which ‘we’ will write

In which our love

Is the most important part

Just waiting for you

To give it a start