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Guest Post : I NEED YOU .. !!

When I feel low
I dont want it to show
Coz I know
U love me!!
But my silence will act as a poison
Which is slow
I need u....
When I am alone
I need ur hand on my head
Which will give me a support to lead
Really I need u...
When somebody hurts me
Its u who console me
I need u...
When no one is with me
M incomplete without u
At every turns n twist of life
Happy n sad moments
When i'm low
When i'm alone
Everyday,everynight....each n every moment
I need u...

Post written by : Manali Kashyap
She is pursuing her in civil engineering from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology. She is a very nice conversationalist and someone I love talking to. She is unequivocally the most “cranky” person I have met and irrevocably a freak !!! She chooses to live and believe in dreams, She has unnatural talent in acting !! This School friend of mine is inspiring me with her speech :) A true straight-on-face friend that she is, look out for more of her posts :)