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"A boy and girls can't remain Friends for a long time ".

A line generally you hear if you say someone that we are just friend or mostly in films dialogue, and if we look around there are lots of examples you can see justifying the above.
But why ? >Why a boy and girls can't be a good friends for a long time ? My mind was debating on this question from so long after one friend of mine told me that he has stopped talking to her, Just because she might think it in other  way ( He may be right to some extent ), and this is not  a surprising things , we generally get such answers in
real life .This may sound so amateur answer for you butThis is what i understood finally that the major reasonis that we are lacking proper orientation attributes in this relationship . To explain it better let me tell you somethings what generally happen in real life , some of you might have been experienced it in real life Once a BOY and GIRL become friends and starts talking, Gossiping and meeting frequently what generally happens (a) 10 % of them become more than friends.. ;) (b) 10 % of them really become good friends .. :) (c) Rest 80 % - Either they somehow manages to act like a friend but you can't call them friends because "Relationship does not give pair if the warmth is gone " or no longer remain Friends. And you know they are the people who actually are shaping this line "A boy and girl can't remain friends for a long time ". ok ! we all know the Reason of (a) & (b) undoubtedly.....! But what happens to rest 80 % is that once they started Gossiping frequently He/She.. may start thinking that... She/He ...has started liking.. him/her.. and here the Proper Orientation of one's attributes matters .Once this Thoughts creeps in .. His/Her.. mind .. and if .. He/She .. don't have feelings for .. Her/Him... starts ignoring mostly done by girls .. :P ) other one without thinking that it might be.. His/Her .. illusion .Or in some case ..He/She..(mostly boys are victim of this starts Weaving their series of feelings ignoring ...Her/His.. point of view. And in both the Case of Ignorance one Person definitelygets hurts & and so is their Relationship. And the worst things after this is that as being human we get interested in only what we are best at- classify people ,and we even classify them and we all know who is the victim of this human nature .It isn't that we do not know the truth just the thing is that we are picking the lie we like the most -  "A boy and girls can't remain friends for a long time" -and this is the ugly truth . 

 (P.S:- One of my friend asked me on friendship day to write something on Friendship , & This is my first trail .. and it's for you my Friend :).