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A Lamented Photo !

Its been ten year 
Since the last time I felt 
That pain
Pain of rubbing ashes on my chest
Ashes of my dear Indians
Ashes of the believes
Of all those Millions
Who's life changed that day

Loved one lost ! killed! Left away.

Those were the things I heard about
Read about but never ,ever 
Thought realized about long before that day.

It's been so long
When I walked far far away
from the streets 
That was screamed in red Blood
And now even after ten year
These thoughts agitate me 
Such that I almost forget myself here
Either I am dead , or my watch has stopped

Its been ten year
Since the last time I cried
And now there is nothing
Which I can feel,
Nor anthing which I can fear 
Even my tears have dried
Its been ten year
and now I have walked far far away 

P S :- The photo above is clicked during the Godhra riots in 2002 . 


  1. .. true emotion nicely brought out through words..

  2. U started well .. bt i think u fumbled at the end with it .. btw nicely expressed !

  3. the photograph and the wrds here mke my heart bleed...very touching and very sad


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