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Untimely Dreams,The first of its kind ! but common

..and an Unedited Scribbling from a dairy page ....

They were introduced by chance & not by choice. He fell for her, everybody knew, including her! She too, developed feelings for him but never spoke because he had nothing in him she wanted in her life-partner. It was silence bond between them; they liked bumping into each other eyes but cannot accept the fact that they love each other. It wasn’t that the boy didn’t take the initial, the moment he did it was soon overtaken by the some reason still unknown to him. He still has feelings for her but now it is there with the thousand knots.

They say Love is much more than the ego boundary and they never get over their ego. He is still moving but now he is living a life dissected between his mind and heart. "Everything is Fair in Love and War " it no longer seems to be true to him. Have it been the case he should not have been hurt by her step and now he understood why people say so" After someone Hurt you Relation never remain same " it either grow more deeper or it start tearing apart and so has happened with him,he is now on a roller coaster of twisted desire that has he fall for the wrong girl or even she is the right choice has he waited too long and now its time too move on.

They say when you are slave you are not brave enough to take your decision so has been the case with him. He is the slave of his own heart, heart that care only for her so much that his better half i.e his mind can't even think anything now.So is he confused to either stick with it or go on.

They say 'Silence is Golden ' Have it been the case The silent conversation they had with just heavy breathing exchanged between them should not have been tarnished and now those unsaid words are piling like a clutters as if it is building a wall in between them and Now it feels like he is drowning in those clutters with a sets of questions in his mind .. Who's Fault is it ? or has he seen an Untimely dreams ? or this whole was just a mirage of beautiful paradise without any existence and he become prey of it  ?........ and then there was a sudden thump in his heart , a bit has skipped , alas! she was there and once again he went with her wandering and wondering weaving another series of hope  .........


  1. Damn that so true man ! the same happened with me .. loved the way u touches the nerve of the people :)))


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