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I wanted !

I wanted to forget about time.
I wanted to create a perfect rhyme.
I wanted to hold your hand.
I wanted to blend.
I wanted to catch slipping sand.
I wanted sands of time to freeze.
I wanted just me and you and cold breeze.
I wanted to stand and behold your flowing locks.
I wanted to see the waves go past those rocks.
I wanted to sit and just look at you.
I wanted to just talk for moments a few.
I wanted to tell you how much I love you,just incapable to explain.
I wanted you to know,How I buried my pain.
I wanted to drench with you,in season's first rain.
I wanted to set myself free,from a shackle or chain.
I wanted to hide by crying in a rain-shower.
I wanted to use smile as my cover.
I wanted to be your dream lover.
I wanted to hold your hand.
I wanted to brush aside that hair-strand
I wanted to fell your heartbeat.
I wanted to hear your voice sweet.
I wanted to I wanted to see through lies.
I wanted to check if love never dies.
I wanted to create something.
I wanted it to be like an emerald evening.
I wanted to save the sun from drowning.
I wanted to see you in a pair of ear-rings.
I wanted to make you sing.
I wanted to reside in perennial oblivion with you.
I wanted to dive in depth of eyes mystic blue.
I wanted many things,but first I wanted YOU........ 


  1. Simply loved your poem. Its so well written, liked the style.
    Loved each line and it felt so true!

    1. Thanks kislaya.. for so much of token of compliment .. :)
      Every Imagination has little bit of real inspiration behind it ! that why i guess you felt it so true :)

  2. Nice compilation.The poetry is simple in words but has very deep meaning. Like it.

  3. I hope you get all that you want. There is lot of sincerity in those lines.


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